Of Daily Tiny Rituals

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(article complet en français sur le blog ; lien dans la bio) . Sometimes a ritual is as simple as drawing on a piece of paper. The circumstances arise, and you have to take that opportunity. No fanciness, no old parchment and quill, no big circle of candles and cloak. Taking the instant in its pure happening. I have a very busy life, and a very complicated and busy mind. My spiritual life is not easy to maintain. But this is an example of how I try to keep the connection in the daily. We have had a sudden, terrible heatwave the past 3 days. The air was just to full. So a big storm had to come and it did today, two full days before it had been forecast. . I was struck by the energy of the air, and had a sort of memory flash. *That* energy, that specific energy I could recognize. I could almost taste it in my mouth ; that June overload… Memories of past Summer Solstice flashing. "Taranis! Taranis! Taranis!" The name rattling in my head. The scansion. When I was a brand new polytheist, I used to work with a handful of Gaulish Gods. Taranis was one of them. He has always been hard to grasp, and we don't have much literature to rely on; all the more so since I'm not a fan of Roman-celtic syncretism. As a result, I learned to search for my own "UPG" as we call it. My own intuition and feeling of the God, in His raw Gaulish form. And it was always through storm that I could feel him. Shouting his name, praying, dancing, calling,… And June is often a stormy season around the solstice. Today's storm brought it all back. . I had very little time ahead of me, what could I do? I tried to get out of my head, to actually do something, live the faith. So I called. I called as I washed my body and purified myself. Then I saw that symbol, glyph, whatever this is, and I did this little, silly, drawing trying to putting all my intentions and energy into it. For Taranis, Hail! . Sometimes we don't need to do more. . #oldgods #devotion #prayer #dévotion #prière #polytheism #polythéisme #celtic #celte #celt #paganism #pagan #polytheist #païen #gaulish #gaulois #taranis #ritualdrawing #symbolicdrawing

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Imbolc 2018

Valiel sur la Voie des Dieux

Difficile de ne pas céder au défaitisme quand on n’a plus aucun repère de pratique. Le temps file à toute allure, et mon chemin sinueux ne reprend toujours pas de forme claire. Beaucoup de festivals passent à la trappe, l’énergie n’est pas là…. et puis contre toute attente, cet Imbolc-là, lui je l’ai senti. Quelques jours après, de quoi m’avoir laissé croire qu’il allait y passer lui aussi, mais non. Ca fait du bien…. Surtout du recueillement intérieur, mais aussi des petites prières, une balade purifiante dans la neige, un retour sur des lieux sacrés, et une petite session de création de cartes pour la saison.

Joyeux Imbolc à ceux qui le fêtent.

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Freyja’s Friday (8) : The Lady and the Sea

Let’s do this. This post has been on my mind the whole week, held inside my body too, such strong sensations and poetic panoramas overlapping the landscape. I’m sorry that this arrives on Saturday and not the traditional Friday, but it was meant for yesterday so. I won’t waste an occasion to speak about the lady and share my views just because of a date.

Please note that this is going to relate personal experiences, and no knowledge of the lore.

The top shrine is essentially dedicated to Freyja, and it has been installed on an old, familial piece of furniture traditional of that house near the sea. Ever since I arrived, for a reason, I felt her. I needed space for her. (For those who don’t know me and don’t follow this blog regularly, there is a formal distinction : I am devoted to the Morrigan (owned by), not Freyja; in my mind, feeling Freyja first is… somehow weird).

I had not planned on finding her here, after my return back to France (after two years in Canada).  Why near the sea, and not in the North? Why not among fields and forests, and hills, and birds and falcons? But everything here resonates.

I feel her on the beach,
Step after step
My feet in the burning afternoon sand,
Or the cold sand of the evening,

Marching in her footsteps
I feel her as I walk on the shores
As the wind blows in my loose hair
As my gaze searches for the horizon

Why does it feel painful?
I am a mixture of freedom and sorrow
The world is silent but for nature’s call
I am serene
Yet I can feel that pull in my chest
The aching of my heart
A longing and a melancholy
Why ?

My favorite moment is the end of the day,
When people are busy elsewhere
When the light changes colors
As the sun crosses the sky
The sea darkens and the sky lightens

I am of roses and purples
Of blues and indigos mixed with crimson red
And oranges and gold
Tainting the clouds and sky

And then I can see and feel plainly
The taste of amber
Both light and dark
Both peaceful and aching
That bloody sky and sea

I can hear now more clearly
That bitter song that has been haunting me
The Siren song, yearning and aching

Mardöll by Maris Pai aka, Marisvision

I don’t remember having read anything in the Lore that corroborates, developps etc this aspect. Apart from this quote that Maris reminded me of, I have nothing in mind bu visions and impressions of the Gods:

“Freyja has many names, and this is the cause thereof: that she gave herself sundry names, when she went out among unknown peoples seeking Ódr: she is called Mardöll and Hörn, Gefn, Sýr.”

– Gylfaginning.

For a reason that I have never been able to explain, Freyja as a Goddess wandering on shores is associated in  mind / core with a younger aspect of Freyja. It has happened to me before that certain aspects of the Gods are chronological. I see Freyja as a Valkyrie and a master of Seidhr as the latest aspects. I underlined above that “definition” to state my vision as clearly as possible: Freyja (Mardöll) is not a goddess of the Sea to me. Her younger aspect is tied to her Father’s nature, and derives from the same differenciation (which I do not justify with lore, again, this is personal experiences, might be unique) : Njord is not a God of the Sea per se; Njord is not Aegir or Ran, they both have a very distinct nature and realm of power. I see and feel Aegir and Ran as divinities from a different nature, that has been described under the following categories : “titans”, “giants”, “Jotnar”, etc. They feel intrinsically more “primal”, as beings associated with blunt natural forces. Hence, Aegir and Ran rule over what is associated with climate and pure natural laws of the sea to me: the winds, the currents, the storms, the waves, the depths. So what about Njord? I’d recommend reading lore and all instead of me on that point XD But anyway, we can say he has been associated with a more “civilized” aspect of the sea, which is more about trade and journeys, people that sails over the sea from land to land. Might be associated with fishing and the abundance of the sea shores too. It’s been a while I read on that subject. Anyway, somehow I see him closer to the land that Gods of the “deep sea” (mentionned above), not only on a metaphorical plane, but on a physical one (actual distance). Hence, I do not see Freyja-Mardöll at all as a Goddess of the “deep sea” either; She’s restricted to the shores, potentially sea travelling.

Until today, I had no remembrance of that above quote from the Lore, but my feelings and visions have remained constant over the year: I see Freyja-Mardöll as young Freyja roaming the shores, and looking over the horizon in search for a sign of Ödr ; waiting for the Lover’s return. The melancholy and the aching of the heart, and the tears of amber trailing her cheeks. I thus realized just how accurate it had been to offer her my broken heart months ago, doing that ritual of broken love, about lovers being separated by the sea (ocean). She is so representative of that sort of grieving! I have worked with her as a Healer in that sense, offering pain, sadness and all. I had not realized it since I acted on pure intuition, but it makes a lot of sense in the end. I wonder if she tried herself on the sea, as a sailor, looking for him on any coasts she could land (not sure if that’s the right English word). In a sense, she is a divine Look-out (or Vigil? or both?). A thing that I have not cracked yet, is why she feels so serene, while being in such pain at the same time.

Anyway, here we are. I’m not sure I could continue on this subject today.  But here you have it, my personal feelings on that matter. I wish more people could share they experiences with Mardöll, as she is very dear to me.

Freyja’s Friday (7) : Idunna’s New Issue

Dear everyone,

I cannot but spread the words that were passed to me. The Troth issued a new publication of Idunna, which is entierly dedidacted to Freyja! Hail !

“By popular demand, we are releasing IDUNNA #111 (Spring 2017) a year early! This issue was dedicated to Freyja, the Norse goddess of (among other things), wealth, sexuality, and battle. We feature plenty of poetry in this issue from Laine Mardollsdottir, Laurel Mendes, Lorrie Wood, Ani Greenwood, Loraine Canaday, Shawn Rowland, Meredith Himmel, Nathan Large, and James Moore-Hodur. Ben Waggoner presents a translation of an Icelandic folktale, “Maertholl”, that just might preserve an ancient myth of Freyja. We have essays from Diana Paxson on an overview of Freyja’s nature, Jeremy Baer on the form of magic called seidr, Loren Jones on Freyja’s necklace, and Kim Pierri on the elder tree and its possible associations with Freyja. And we feature our usual columnists, book reviews, news from the Heathen community, and more!”

>> You’ll find the pdf here.

>> And the paper version there.

Freyja’s Friday (6)

Do you like regular dates in your spiritual practices? Do you like concentrating energy and intention on the same day / moment as other people’s?

A group of devotees to Freyja created a monthly rendezvous to connect to her, Freyja Prayer Day, every 2nd Friday of the month ! You can keep it simple or not, do it alone or with friends, etc !

Here goes the idea:

“On the second Friday of each Month, let’s get together and celebrate Freya wherever you are in the world.

The ritual can be as large or as small as you’d like, as simple or as complex. The important thing is that we all focus on the energy of Freya and all that she can bring to this world.

This world needs beauty, this world needs magic, this world needs fighters – Freya is all of these things and more.

If you’d like to tweet or instagram about what you did, we encourage you to use the hashtag #freyaprayerday”

Join us on Facebook to keep track of the events 🙂

Freyja’s Friday (5): The Smell of Roses

At first I pushed back the idea away from me, because it seems such a clichee about romantic and sensual Goddesses that I didn’t want it… But it stuck. It stuck to the point of following me everywhere, so I made a few courteous gestures to the Lady: Ok, I get the message! Apparently She has a thing with the Smell of Roses, it’s kind of… intoxicating when She really insists on it. I am decided to have fun with it though, because it had been a really long Gods had not communicated with me through smells. So I bought an oil-perfume that I am going to dedicated to her specifically, and I found this incredible ink, seems back from the old school years of the 17eth Century! French Salons and perfumed letters, damn.

I wonder if other people have encountered Freyja through Roses.