Hymn to Morrigan II

Without a face
Or with too many
She’s a wonder
Source of mystery

She wanders across the land
The land of darkness
Which few dare enter
Where few dare follow

Her black mantel upon her shoulders
Black errand upon shadow
She’s a puzzling figure
Of the Night.


Dionysos’ oracle

A deep bafflement… I’m disturbed since I read it.

– Because of the content, about my “path” : I wondered about being a “prietess” or something similar for two years, and then I abruptly changed my mind because I feel unable, or full of pride. But here comes the God, talking about leadership in spirituality… I’m so stunned.

– Because of the allusion to “The Mothers”. Who are they ? Something makes me think I know, deep under the surface, but still, I can’t figure.

This night I made a dream about Him, about the oracle. The perspective was given to me, revealing the angle to access the meaning and I remember the “AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh ok, that’s it”. But it was during a very deep period of sleep and I can’t remember a damn’ thing since I woke up ! Why the Hell ? How to find back the vision ?

The come back of Dionysos

Damn’ I think I am scared…

I worked with Dionysos during my adolescence, since I studied the whole Greek pantheon. My patron Goddess was Artemis, but still, I felt something special for Dionysos. But today as I look back, I think I was just looking at the surface of an endless well. I grew up, became more lucid ; I went through many many spiritual transformations ; I chose a pantheon close to my land… And I think I can really better understand the sacred and the Gods. But even if I studied latin and greek, translated many texts, Dionysos has always been one of the most complicated, weird, hard to approach. And today, I realise that He’s coming near me. No, in fact, He’s been by side for some time but I couldn’t see. And now I realise He’s expecting things from me…. but I don’t know what and why. I feel so surprised, so humble… I really feel little, even tiny, a tiny little believer who’s lost, who don’t know what to do to welcome this God, how to listen, what to say, … so imagine how worst it is to know how to understand this wild God and the messages He’s sent.

So Yes, I’m scared. I’m a tiny ant, feeling the Earth shaking, feeling the huge shadow of the God falling upon me.

Program to schedule :
– libations to thank for the oracle
– prayer to write and offer to Him
– planning to go to my Sacred Grove and meditate to welcome Him, try to be receptive
… maybe much more, depending on my time and “inspiration”.

Prayer when in distress

I wrote this piece last year, around February, as I was undergoing a very harsh time. I was looking for something sacred, something superior, to support me through the process. It was unpersonified, without a face… I think it is stronger so, but it can be devoted to any deity I guess.

Oh Thee, Highest above all
Pure Love, pure comfort
Thy glory is ever shining
Outstanding, even in daylight
So true, overwhelming
Like inner evidence.

Hold me in Thy Holy Hand
Bless my path with some light
To dispel the shades and to offer Thy guidance.

Hymn to Morrigan

When I realised that it was indeed her I encountered in a dark cave during a meditation, months later, I was struck by her terrible lucidity and power. I then tried to write a little ode to Her, even if my english is not so good :

Sometimes in front
Sometimes behind
Lies a mystery
Beyond my grasp

She’s there by daylight
She’s there at night
As my following shadow

I do call her
I try to reach her
But all in vain

She is the one who summons
She chooses to send messages
As She is the one who knows

She is true wisdom
She sees the whole picture
Goddess of Revelation