The come back of Dionysos

Damn’ I think I am scared…

I worked with Dionysos during my adolescence, since I studied the whole Greek pantheon. My patron Goddess was Artemis, but still, I felt something special for Dionysos. But today as I look back, I think I was just looking at the surface of an endless well. I grew up, became more lucid ; I went through many many spiritual transformations ; I chose a pantheon close to my land… And I think I can really better understand the sacred and the Gods. But even if I studied latin and greek, translated many texts, Dionysos has always been one of the most complicated, weird, hard to approach. And today, I realise that He’s coming near me. No, in fact, He’s been by side for some time but I couldn’t see. And now I realise He’s expecting things from me…. but I don’t know what and why. I feel so surprised, so humble… I really feel little, even tiny, a tiny little believer who’s lost, who don’t know what to do to welcome this God, how to listen, what to say, … so imagine how worst it is to know how to understand this wild God and the messages He’s sent.

So Yes, I’m scared. I’m a tiny ant, feeling the Earth shaking, feeling the huge shadow of the God falling upon me.

Program to schedule :
– libations to thank for the oracle
– prayer to write and offer to Him
– planning to go to my Sacred Grove and meditate to welcome Him, try to be receptive
… maybe much more, depending on my time and “inspiration”.


One comment on “The come back of Dionysos

  1. He is an amazing god. That’s so cool that you have some history with him!

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