Dionysos’ oracle

A deep bafflement… I’m disturbed since I read it.

– Because of the content, about my “path” : I wondered about being a “prietess” or something similar for two years, and then I abruptly changed my mind because I feel unable, or full of pride. But here comes the God, talking about leadership in spirituality… I’m so stunned.

– Because of the allusion to “The Mothers”. Who are they ? Something makes me think I know, deep under the surface, but still, I can’t figure.

This night I made a dream about Him, about the oracle. The perspective was given to me, revealing the angle to access the meaning and I remember the “AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh ok, that’s it”. But it was during a very deep period of sleep and I can’t remember a damn’ thing since I woke up ! Why the Hell ? How to find back the vision ?


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