New Year to come, New step

The thing with mysteries is that you can’t predict them, you can’t force it, it’s not a procedure where if you do W, X and Y Z will necessarily happen. There are things we can do to help set the stage, but in the end it’s really up to the gods and whether they are willing to grant a particular revelation. One of the things that I consider absolutely essential is having a strong, personal relationship with a deity beforehand, based on lots of previous ritual work with them. Before you can become an initiate you’ve got to be a devotee, and a particularly dedicated one at that. Only once you’ve lived with the god for a while, been able to listen and speak with them on their own, will you be in a position to ask for that sort of revelation.

At least that’s my thought on the subject. But since it’s entirely up to the gods they can always just spring something like that on a person without any sort of warning. That way brings it’s own problems, however, as the person is rarely prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Once again, Sannion’s words triggered off my mind and I finally understood where I’m heading. I wanted to follow the mysteries of a few of my Gods, and only one (Morrigan) to begin with, but I couldn’t link my different thoughts. Now I understand. Despite one year of awareness, it’s not sufficient because I went through Hell in my personal life, I need more work, more connexion. So this step that I identified months ago without knowing precisely “what” it was, is now clear : it will be the “anniversary” date, one year till I met Morrigan at Mabon (Sep 21)… And  I’m not going to engage into an initiation, a mystery like I thought, no, first I’m going to officialise my devotee position and my will to go further, to mark that I’m her sincere follower. She’ll do of me what She desires, now I’m ready, I’m willing. And I’m really excited about what is to come ! – With much awe of course.


2 comments on “New Year to come, New step

  1. How exciting that such a big anniversary is coming up! I do think that this is the best way to approach the situation. There are the big mysteries of exceptional occurances and the little mysteries of everyday faith and service, and I just don’t know if you can have the big without the little.

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