The return of the Greek Gods ?

What the f…? First Dionysos comes back into my life, and then many other Greek Gods!

– I heard and dreamt about Morpheus… Maybe because I have sleep troubles.

– And above all, I feel something very deep about Persephone. I have an history with her, as I did with Dionysos, Artemis, Athena and some other Gods. It’s strange because she’s always reassured me, make feel peaceful, soothe my stress… And I had a friend who was just so like her. And today, for a little more than a week, She’s back : a close pagan friend of mine is being looking after by this Goddess and so she makes a lot of research and shares them with me. As I read, I remember myself, past relations with Her, … And I’m bewildered : I know her very well, I’ve read much stuff, and yet I never thought of her, of looking for her help whereas She is just what I need. I have family trouble to make it short, the classic problem of distanciation between mother and daughter, personality problems, fusion, adulthood and so on. Why ? Why didn’t I think about it ? Damn’… and now there She is. I can’t feel her like I did with Dionysos. But I know, intellectually, that She can be the very proper help.

And now I wonder… why are all these Greek Gods coming out of nowhere in my life ? I knew my sensibility is so that this pantheon was “mine”, but I didn’t expected so concrete experiences, and not all at once. I guess Artemis, my adolescence patron Goddess, is waiting in the shadow for her own time to come…


One comment on “The return of the Greek Gods ?

  1. That is so cool. I adore Persephone – who in the Orphic accounts is the first mother of Dionysos – but is just such a beautiful and powerful goddess in her own right.

    Ever hear Kula Shaker’s song Persephone:

    Their Shadowlands is also appropriate for her:

    But honestly, I’m not surprised that you’re feeling the others. Dionysos has strong ties to his family. Every time I’ve thought, “Eh, he’s my all and everything – do I really need to bother with the rest?” he thumps me on the forehead and says, “Yes; that’s my friends and family you’re talking about. Honor them if you would honor me.”

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