It’s hard to make real articles on my current activities lately, because I make more “banal” stuff, like feeling, walking, picking, …. And my work with the spirits cannot yet be describe : I can’t actually analyse what happens. I feel, but can’t understand, can’t explain, can’t even find words. I guess I need more time and practice… [And apart from that I work everyday with Morrigan for my path and the Temple]

What I can say, still, is that I explore many things. I try to remember the names of plants, some properties, I take things from the forest and thank her, later I come back with offerings, … And I work to identify the spirits I encounter (their nature) and the type of place they like. Eg : moss, certain trees, light or shadow, …. There is the Spirit of the Forest herself, but there are also spirits that dwell here, passing spirits (visitors), fairies, earth elemental beings, …

And for a week, I’ve been obsessed and dreamt of spindle tree without even realising. But today for my weekly walk in the forest, I’ve seen some, and I couldn’t repress my yearning to pick up a branch, the which is totally alive. I then realised that it’s a guiding spirit…. so obvious but I couldn’t see. I decide then to begin a cycle of work with the spirit of spindle tree to see what it wants to teach me. It will be a rich experience I’m sure.


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