An Hymn to Skadi

Lately, I’m literaly overwhelmed by Norse Gods, which is quite unusual since I was never “closed” to this pantheon (I couldn’t feel anything). But Frigg made a violent entry which seems to be very important in my spiritual life, and behind her came all the other. So tonight, against all odds, I’m inspired by Skadi, and I devote to her this modest hymn :

Skadi Goddess of Eternal Winter
You shine with the blue glow
Of sparkling Snow

Skadi Goddess of Primal Forces
You’re as hard as rocks
And as solid as mountains

Skadi Goddess of Wild Lands
You walk untamed earth
As free as air

I hear Thy name
And I see twinkling snow
White deserts of ice

I hear Thy name
And I feel the biting breath
Of the Norse Wind

12 comments on “An Hymn to Skadi

  1. Sara' says:

    I like it! I don’t know this goddess very well… in facts, just she is a snow/winter goddess… lol But here, in your words, I can see her, I can meet her! 😀

  2. Man that’s gorgeous!

  3. sarenth says:

    Beautiful; I loved the “White deserts of ice” part. Takes me back to Niflheim.

  4. skadibella says:

    Heyyyy, hadn’t seen this one !! truly beautiful – very vivid ! Can I post this on the Sanctuary of Skadi ???

  5. Michaela says:

    Beautiful imagery. Very vivid – one can almost feel the cold :-).

    • Glad it spoke to you 🙂

      • Michaela says:

        It’s really great that you’re active online in both French and English. I’m from Germany myself – I can read a bit of French, and wish I’d learned to express myself in it as well :-). I’d love to see more exchange between the different languages – France is so near compared to the USA, and yet I know next to nothing about how polytheism or Asatru is active in France.

        • Well, since so many people speak English, and since they are far more active than here 😉 But I indeed have MANY sites in French in order to contribute to the whole. French paganism is chaotic for now, but it lives. You could check out some sites / google if you can read French.

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