‘My’ Aphrodite

She’s my everything.

Aphrodite. A name that sounds so strange, a spell in itself. She entered my life by chance entirely when I decided to join a polytheistic community last June. My dear fellow Sannion seems to be always along my spiritual path to help or witness because it’s him who introduced bac to Dionysos and now Aphrodite. During a year, I was able to read amazing articles about this misunderstood Goddess on his site, and it pervaded me slowly to this point. Then, he launched this marvellous Greek festival via his site in June. ‘Rhodophoria’, a poetic name that sounded real good to me, and a celebration that looked very inspired with its procession, so I wanted to be part of it, even a small part. At this time, I was in a greatly inspired mood since I was writing so many hymns and prayers to the God, so I decided to write Aphrodite her piece for Rhodophoria. To me, it was the typical case of an “intellectual” celebration : Aphrodite (energetically speaking) seemed far away, and my contribution was mental (writing).

But since then, she has never left me. She won’t leave, instead she seems to haunt me. I see and feel her everywhere, everytime ! She’s always behind my back, like a shadow and yet not like a shadow since she is more a solar presence. What is incredible is that she transcends and overpasses even my Patron Gods (Morrigan & Belenos). She’s just there, all the time, even when I don’t think about it, even when I feel disconnected and can’t reach any other spiritual entities (spirits and gods). And today, it seems I begin to know why.

Aphrodite is a perfect goddess, surprisingly (because even Gods can’t be always perfect usually). Perfect in beauty, perfect in presence, perfect in everything. She’s full of paradoxes : her energies are like the brightest, sharpest intensity, and yet perfect softness/sweetness. She embodies the perfect Lover (the full archetype with its lively, creative side and not just love), but she has also a maternal side. She is the Loving, the Lover, the one who makes the most of life, embraces it, crunches it with full teeth. She is also the Creative and Creator, the Queen of Beauty and Arts. But by being the Queen of Life, She is also Queen of the Land, of vegetation, of full life, plants & animals, the Mother of All Life (she verges on the Great Mother, Mother Earth type). And then, with all her grace, she is also the pot of transformation, the alchemist pot of all material and spiritual matter, of life, and of healing. She is Beauty, Grace, Sensuality in the wide acceptation (all senses), and Absolute Feminity. She is bright and shinny like a sun, so bright…. because she is the Cosmic one too. She’s not the daughter of cosmic giants for nothing. She comes from above, from the Cosmos, and she was purely born from the very matter of the cosmos, the elements. So she has a word to say in those matters, she holds the key of the Great Pattern ; she maintains the energies, the whole harmony…. of creation, of life, of all the cycles – cosmic, telluric, feminine… I see her definitely active in the seasons like the seasons’ blood, and in their blooming. She is such a master (mistress) of power, energy, and growth. She is the Provider, the Giver, even if she is not a Earth Goddess. She’s not Gaïa, she’s even more than Gaïa because she is Cosmic and Elemental, and Pure Life at its origin. So full of life…

And despite this greatness that is so much above and beyond our reach, she’s there ! She’s with me anytime… That’s when I got it. I would have liked to build her mountains of temples and artistic creations, but I could not find just one thing, I was just dry. Now I understand. She’s not my Matron Goddess, she’s above that as she is above Gaïa. She is just the whole Universe and Life. She is just evident and present. She is the incarnation of my love of life, that’s what unites us, why she’s here. A public action or temple or work of devotion is just useless because of her obviousness. Only my life, my whole life can serve as my absolute offering to her. The acceptation and mastering of my feminity, accepting to become a creator (because I can’t regard myself as an artist), accepting my difference and living the life that I want, accepting my intuitions and living by following my heart, managing to integrate beauty in all things : relationships, cooking, work… I can see the beauty, I can learn to bring in Grace and Sensuality, because She’s there everyday, every minutes. In my family, in my couple, in my friends, in my love of people, of things, of life, in the intensity of my feelings (that so many call “hypersensibility” like it is a drawback) and sensations, in my heart that beats like like it did at the origins, in human life, in animals and plants all around…  And all those ebbs and flows.

Where I couldn’t see and feel any spirits and gods in this oppressive city, She Stands present and strong. She is just so out of time, and such so modern. She is just Life… and it is everywhere. So I’ll be always beside her, I am her temple, and I can see, conjure and build her temple anywhere, anytime.


What a strange coincidence that I discover Columbine’s love for Aphrodite so soon after this experience.


2 comments on “‘My’ Aphrodite

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