In strange waters…

I’ve been dealing with a very curious fact since last June, concerning my relationship to the North.

I needed new runes, both as a personal wish and  an energetical logic. My runes were old, dating from 2006, when I was a total newby. Since then, I’ve read much, learned so much, practiced an intense meditation cycle on the whole futhark, practiced alone, done drawing meditation on runes… I needed a set that reflects my growth, that is charged with my knew knowledge, new energies.

At first, I wanted to carve wood because I love the texture, the relationship to the tree. And the tree was going to be birch, my totem and fellow, as for the previous ones. During spring I had been gathering fallen branches, not dead branches, branches that had been cut alive  by the goverment guys… (there is a massive problem of finance in the forest department in France) So I had sane branches of birch from different sizes. I chose one, I prepared the tools, and once I sat, I felt bad. Bad how ? I felt that it was really not a good time. After a few days, a week, I was even more perturbed since I understood that my runes were not to be either from birch or wood. There was a great refusal of the Spirits, or/and Rune Spirits.

I was sad, because I wanted new runes, and was very happy to craft myself (since I had very few tools and don’t do craft most of the time). I decided to let it go, I just waited and tried to forget it. Then in July, I made my annual trip to the ocean, and took my rest there. As each year, I experienced some of my most powerful mystic moments there, and this time it was precisely with the sea. I encountered and honored Ran in person. And there were a lot of sea-beings, sea-spirits around. We entered in a most unfathomable (deep) communion… and there, after a few days, I started picking flat stones.

Two weeks later understood then : my runes were to be crafted with flat sea-stones. So I did pick a huge lot of stones. But that was weird, I don’t like runes on stones, and it’s even worse on sea-stones. Because in my head, even if that’s greatly biased, I don’t associate runes with water. River water would do it I guess, and rain. But the waters of the sea ? It’s seems greatly weird if not repellent to me. But the Spirits, the Universe, made me understand that this was to be. So I started wondering and pondering about this fact. Why runes and water ? why runes from the sea ? I guess it could be a gift from Ran… but Ran is more of a taker. So maybe more a duty to her ? But I can’t understand what and why. Is it then about my strong relationship to the Spirits of the Sea ? But here again, why ?

If anyone passing there has any idea, remark, please do tell, because I’m lost in stranger waters.

4 comments on “In strange waters…

  1. skadibella says:

    I’ve been thinking about this as well, since I started to make runes from wood and my dog ate them -clearly it was not right. Then I found some flat, small stones at the sea in Ireland. It felt evident that I had to keep them for making runes, and like you I wondered why because I never associated runes with water either. Wood is so much more logical.

    Here’s what I have been thinking :
    – the energy of my stones is very heavy, grounding, liking me to the Underworld – and also something old and relentless like the sea
    – and the runes are old, I feel there is a lot of memory in stones.
    – the fact that they were polished by nature, not cut by men, makes it even more like a gift. And chthonic. They are runes for ‘going down’ – manifesting, grounding, and getting to the core of things. Made with ‘bones of the earth’…the energy is more what I need, I feel.

    well, I’m still wondering. hope this makes sense.

  2. Anthea says:

    Since your latest connection to Aphrodite I wonder if maybe She has something to do with it…

    Blessings, Anthea

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