Reflexions on Aphrodite


Of the nature of women and Aphrodite’s Grace

I was appealed to to ponder about the nature of women cycles…. and my wandering lead me to Aphrodite again. Here is the part I wrote for a little thought “game” about cycles :

Despite the mainstream cliché, it is true that cycles are our womanly nature. Maybe not for what is most often believed to be.
Ok, our perioud and blood are the origin of life, and contrary to men, we bear life from beginning to end. That is what is accepted as one main difference (biologically) between men and women, what makes us who we are.

This is wonderful, and true, but it is not to be emphasized or simplified too much. The process of our womb is very much complicated, intricate, and it does affect our whole body, not just our womb. This is why we are not just womb on legs as some say, or as some feminists portray us without realising.

What really counts is that our period cycle is just the beginning of who we are. It is just one cycle among other womanly cycles. (cycles inside cycles, circles inside circles?). I would dare say : women are cycles, and  circles. Our wombs are often represented as such in the imagery, as a cup, or as a circle. A circle coincides to the watery and cyclical nature of the womb cycle. But there is more to it, because it coincides to the womanly genre in general. We are cycles, we are
cyclical. Contrary to men, and that is the main difference (but it is controversial because genres are also constructed, and there are great reflexions to make about transgender, but it is not the place) – so contrary to men who are linear, women ar cyclical. Our moods, our hormones, our periods… we are like the other (black) face of the moons. This is why we can be so much sensentive to the moon. You cannot tell looking at a woman in which phase she is, how she is going to be just next, but she definitely is under the influence of some cycle. The ebb and flow of woman energies and other things that a
are complex.

And I’d like to add a point. The ebb and flow obviously send us to an unstable or changing nature such as water, and the sea. There Aphrodite begins to show up, since she is born of the sea… But it then came to my mind, that those earthly cycles are in fact set in motion because of other cycles : the one of the moon first, and maybe others. So what a perfect picture which includes both the microcosm and the macrocosm of the Universe ! And there Aphrodite reveals in plain sight as I wrote before, since she is so cosmic and whole… Isn’t it some grace that we women are bound to the same processes of this Goddess in a way ?

I never stop learning.


2 comments on “Reflexions on Aphrodite

  1. Columbine says:

    You bet I liked it! I’d been musing on the topic of women’s cycles recently myself, but I couldn’t form a whole post out of my thoughts. I’m glad I didn’t, too, because you’ve address it far better than I would have. I have some other Aphrodite related ideas, though. Maybe I’ll put them into words in a couple days. 🙂 And I’m pleased to meet you, too! Hail Aphrodite!

  2. […] Valiel reflects on her: The ebb and flow obviously send us to an unstable or changing nature such a water, and the […]

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