A Month with Loki #1

A little text for the God to open this month of work.

Hail Loki, God of Fire !
Hear my prayer, hear my voice
From beyond the gap of the worlds.

God of Mysteries, Trickster God
Do I dare summon you to my help ?
Am I ready to bear the Mad Fire ?

For sure you are in my thoughts tonight
And in my heart as I make a step
Toward the Fire of Renewal.

Please listen to me, accept my fears and doubts
As I lay them down to the ground,
An offering to burn.

July, july, month of Fire !
Be my Guide to Empowerment.


And I could not remain silent about this wonderful prayer by my dear Sarenth. Brought me to the verge of tears, and tought me a lesson. Along with Galina’s first post, I think I am going to learn so much this month…


One comment on “A Month with Loki #1

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