A Month With Loki #2

[I haven’t planned to do something each day for Loki. I’m more inclined to practice and think for the whole month. Each post will be labelled but it has no relation to the day.]

The readings I make here and there are enlightening and seem to rise energy efficiently. I discover Loki bit by bit, taking what resonates with me, what was already there. Galina’s post about the God of Light made a lot of sense, and  Del’s advice to give Loki what we were ready to change too. So I felt inclined to write a new piece today !

Is each day a step ?
If I choose to

As a rising star, I feel drawn to you
As a shooting star, do you come towards me ?

Loki you hold the Sacred Fire
Loki God of Light

May this day be a new step
Toward our meeting

And as I gaze upon the stars I know
That we are connected already

I have the Fire in my Heart
That is both you and me



3 comments on “A Month With Loki #2

  1. Siduri says:

    J’adore ! I love it !

  2. […] wrote four beautiful poems for  A Month with […]

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