A Month With Loki #3

When the most incredible things happen….

Is it you, that new energy pervading everything ?
Is it you, this subtlety when they said you were nothing but chaos ?

Is your power in our world so efficient, so palpable ?
Does it take nothing but to ask ?

They said to be careful what you pray for
They said you’d better be prepared

Then why is there no storm, no big bang ?
How can I know whether it is you ?

I feel the wind of change…

Is that you, God of Light,
Capable of such softness ?

Is that you, Revealer,
Who lifted the curse of blindness ?

Did I ask, or did you choose to act ?
You protected the most important…

If that is you, really you, that came
To the help of my family

Then there is no end to my gratitude
Please send me signs of your presence


3 comments on “A Month With Loki #3

  1. Darkamber says:

    When I invited Loki into my life, because I was tired of being stuck, running around in a negative circle, I had expected “sturm und drang”, destruction and chaos and harsh lessons.
    Instead I got a loving Husband, patient and very gentle with me.

    • Ok then, it’s a myth that comes down ? 😉 Thank you for your comment which is reassuring. I would never have imagined that if I called him it could meddle with my family… But I think this very subtle feeling of change, that is him. Moving stuck schemes.

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