A Month With Loki #4


I dreamt of you last
Sweet dream
I was like a girl
Cuddling in her Lover’s arms

I guess I’ve been hesitant
Influenced by what they say
Careful not to come closer
In order not to get burnt

But last night it was the reverse
You might not be there
You might not care
But I projected myself into your arms

I might have been afraid,
But you may just be what I need
No Brother, no Father, no Lover I guess
Yet that very important teacher

I think I wasn’t ready to come
Because I knew you could pierce my heart
And right now I need to learn

I need the Truth
I need to awaken

Please help me dance with Fire



3 comments on “A Month With Loki #4

  1. Siduri says:

    Rhââââââââ XD

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