A New Face of Aphrodite

Aphrodite the Dark. Thanks to Sannion I got hold of this marvellous poetry which possesses the high quality of reflection.


Venus under the light of the Sun

Prefers roses and pretty little flowers

But Venus under the light of the Moon

Leaves aside her train of amorous sprites

To lull the shady ones out (with Hekate’s consent)

For, you see, Venus loves the poisons too

Was it not she who provided the apple

Knowing well the ancient Hag’s intent?

But, poisons do not always lead to death

Though they may give many wings

Their power alone seduces

And this makes them beloved of Venus

Who, on certain nights when she is dark

Her fairness gone away, rides

With phantom cavalcades

And whoso chances upon this sight

The Lady offers a green kiss

But the touch of her alone is poison

So Venus wanders the night

In search of one that can drink

Of her love-poison

It makes me think of Aphrodite in a new way. I experienced her joy, her light heart, her beauty… but if she is of the sea, she possesses depths and shadows as intense as her light. Aphrodite, the moon, fertility’s extension in poison, seduction, intoxication, … a very wide range of study opens to me !


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