Accepting Who I Am

Still a lesson that is hard to learn, as I was discussing with Sannion.

Accepting my weirdness, my anger, my numerous facets, my solitary status, prefering spirits to humans, knowing better how they work than humans, my Sight, … It’s hard. Because my mind was born in a world that shuts all this down. And this morning I found this article that was a huge comfort and/or encouragement for me :

The different things I am interested in don’t seem to mix, but they are all a part of the same path because they all come from me.  Those facets are all part of one diamond. My job in it is to accept who I am, love that person with all of her strangeness, challenges, and loveliness. This is who Spirit built me to be.

In the middle of a touching article about passive discrimination, I saw this which directly spoke to me.


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