Père Lachaise II, caring for the Dead

The first post will be published after the second, it’s a shame but why not…

Here are some shots of my sacred ground, the Père Lachaise, and mostly the pictures of my Service for Sannion on Jim Morrison’s grave.

Unexpected and sacred events always occur around and in this cemetery. A flight of ravens ; an excentric guide who kisses you on the forehead because you’re French and young and yet you know Richard Wright ; a guide that tells you to go pray and find your love at Abélard’s grave (which was the case of my friend who was with me) ; the grave of child which energy jumps to your face as if its burial was yesterday ; tombs that are ruined…

Weird winged guardians and mysterious life


Jim’s Service

Entrance to the sacred ground, the tree that was still free in June has been protected now, but the lampost is still there for the fans’ prayers and words.

Sannion’s Hymn I read in front of the grave, which I folded afterwards and inserted inside a bouquet left by other people. Anyone can step forward and read it in front of the grave now.

I always start with Jim, because it makes a first nice cuircuit, the beginning of a big loop. I also went to Isadora Duncan’s grave, who happens to be near her two children and her mom, there was a slight feeling of tragedy around, then I moved to say hello to Richard Wright again. He is so hidden at ground level behind a staircase, and nobody visits… and yet not yesterday ! We met into this very strange, energetic guide who ran to us crying “Oh, you know him ???” “Are you French ?” “wow you are young” “this is fantastic”… Richard, it was your day, and I hope you’ll get remembered like this since I first visited you with Ryan ! We searched for Sarah Bernhardt but she’s really a pain to find.. no trace yet. Allan Kardec’s grave was surrounded by people looking for sensations, old women that looked down on us, hushed us with their eyes. Oh my, I wanted to cry “you’re so desperate to touch his grave like that and hope for a sign to prove yes you have some abilities ! he’s long gone girl” But you know, let people care for the dead in their own way… we passed our tour. Wandering around the tombs is always such a quiet activity, and you make such encounters either animals, tree or else between the lines… I was heart broken by the grave of a very child (1994-2000 or so) which bore the energy of her mother’s agony. After that I felt an oppression that couldn’t leave and was too affected by some grave, so the circle was closed and we walked out.

To learn more if you care for the Dead and/or Poet-heroes click here.


3 comments on “Père Lachaise II, caring for the Dead

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m so glad you returned to visit RIchard Wright! (His birthday is tomorrow/September 4th by the way.) Of all the graves we visited together, Wright’s spirit was definitely the most surprised that two people were offering libations of wine at his grave. Such a wonderful experience,and I’m so glad you could be my guide that day. I wonder why Sarah Bernhardt is so elusive? At any rate, it is most fitting that Père Lachaise is your sacred ground, and I’m excited that you’ve found a sacred calling/duty to perform rites there for the Dead and the Heroes, especially the Poet-Heroes! I look forward to hearing more about your experiences there, and would love to join you again next time we’re in Paris (perhaps next year, we’ll see!).

    • Well, you were my trigger on this one. I had gone there several times before you came (including on Sannion’s behalf already!), but it appeared to me I kept coming and coming… and the day we met, there really was something strange and powerful, and it occured to me that I might precisely be such a guide and practitioner.

      Sarah was desperate to see us the time we went, it was a pain to hear her cries… but I didn’t know were she was. This time I looked at a map before I went and yet I couldn’t find her. It seems her grave his stuck between huge ones, you have to look… I’ll go soon enough (waiting to hear from Phil by the way).

      As far as the “duty” is concerned… well, we’ll see. I don’t want to rush, I don’t know what and how it will be exacly… but I guess it is just natural, just like when we met 🙂 And I’m mistaken and it’s only step, if stops being so… well okay. We’ll see. (but with all the stuff coming my way regarding the Dead, ancestors and Hel, might last a while)

      And of course you’re most welcome anytime !

  2. […] recently completed a ritual on my behalf, making offerings at the grave of Jim Morrison and reading my poem Leave me at Père […]

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