The History of Jim Morrison’s Grave !

This is a goldmine ! The owner went on my articles about Jim, and I found my way there, this is excellent work !

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It was funny to discover my own observations from month to month lately, both the historical tree and the barriers, which were indeed so farther away than when we went with Ryan. Personal shots and videos !

I guess many people would LOVE to check the history of Jim’s Grave page (hence the title). A marvellous idea in itself and in practice for the fans and young people.

There are also tour contact, book references, and other historical stuff about Jim and Paris… Needs to be checked. Priceless.


3 comments on “The History of Jim Morrison’s Grave !

  1. arianrhod says:

    Gratitude for your link & information about Jim Morrison’s grave. He is missed by millions even today. I was a young teenager when I heard the Doors music. I am more affected by the lost of such a “Dionysus” spirit today, as the years go by.
    We meet again.

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