Equinox Tour To The Père Lachaise, IV

Oh I was so disappointed that I forgot my camera. There were really nice moments. I took some poor shots with my phone just in case, I’ll check them later.

It was a shorter and  simpler tour this time, because we were both somewhat sick. But we truly wanted to go for the Equinox. And we were right to go because we had a wonderful moment. Going during the week is great because there are fewer people despite tourists. But as it keeps happening, I think I even prefer the cemetery when it rains. People flee and you have the place for yourself and the spirits. It completely changes mood and atmosphere. The plants, the trees (the yews), the graves do not vibrate in the same way. Maybe this is just me, but the water is like the door to the World of Spirit.

We took the shortest way up to find both Sarah’s grave again for my friend (who was with me the time we missed it) and Richard Wright’s. I hadn’t plan it but I thought it might be interesting to see what had happened to my offerings, before we go to the far end of the cemetery to see Oscar Wilde. My surprise was full and it warmed my heart like nothing else. The Cemetery was full of devotion and honor.  I suspect there are groups of people who tend the grave and care for the dead. As we went to Sarah’s grave, I had the touching surprise to see that my candle for the anonynous dead which I had put quickly on the side (also in order that it would not be stolen) had been … moved to the center place, up in the pot of (dead) flower that is in front of the grave. Did anyone know this person ? this grave which has no one, no nothing ? Or do some people actually care ? I was really taken aback and then glad. A joy that is of a different nature. A kind of communion through the distance, with unknown people, because we share the same… religious spirit ? devotion ? understanding ? caring ? It is a marvellous experience to make and it didn’t stop there.

So we turned round to commune before Sarah’s grave, and it had been totally renewed in the days ! The candle I had seen last time was lit ! And despite the rain, in this little shelter, it was burning… it had beeb burning for a little while since it was all liquid. You ask yourself then, who went there ? when ? Was it just before us ? And my candle was there, I wonder if it had been in fact lit and put out by other people. New stones where there, new flowers…. The quietness of the cemetery and those offerings, the place resonated like a temple. We really could have been in a church or something. And it didn’t stop there ! As we went to the Columbarium, I was totally shocked (in a good way) : the walls were covered by flowers ! Everywhere, the pots had been refilled, with true flowers and false ones, but the walls were colorful like a painting. I wonder if it is from the cemetery guardians or if some people did it. There were also a LOT of candles and incense ! So as we came close to Richard Wright’s grave, I had the delight to see that my candle had been moved, to be put not on the flower but in the corner on the wall. And my note is still there ! So everyone that went to the grave between the 4th and today had witnessed and wondered and myabe had a thought about the life and birthday of Richard Wright… and my candle looked burnt a little. So we turned back with joy, looking for a moment at the rain and the shelter of the Columbarium, with all those flowers and bouquets. It was delicious. We also passed in front of Zavatta, and I has memories of my childhood coming back.

We finished our walk in the alleys as we went to Oscar Wilde’s grave. There are really powerful and nice tombs and vaults in this area. We lit a candle at the feet of a marvellous grave with two hooded figures huddled together. And then we could observe the damage down at Wilde’s, as always. The glass that surrounds the grave is really dirty, and the officials have been obliged to extend the barrier, just like at Morrison’s. People had climbed the stone cross on the side tomb to manage to kiss the tomb and the angel on the top… and the cross has collapsed entirely. Well, unlinke Morrison, I never understood the crazyness around this author, but I witness the power of his words and personality through time anyway.

Here it was ! Happy equinox to everybody.

One comment on “Equinox Tour To The Père Lachaise, IV

  1. Ryan says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journeys to the most beautiful cemetery in the world. And happy equinox to you!

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