A Song For Heimdall

You are the silent God

You arrive, you turn your head
I see your eyes, I see you’ve seen
You see me, your eyes tell so much
But you say nothing

It seems your voice has been lost in space and time
Did you lose it to the Void when you made the sacrifice ?
For it is the depth of the Void that I feel in you

There is only your eyes, your eyes that tell so much
I look at you, and you at me, and I see
I see through you, it seems I hear
But I know I don’t

Your eyes are like the well of Mimir
I can lose myself into them
I feel the depth without end
I feel the knowledge supreme

But where does your heart lay ?
Inside the water of the well
I feel the darkness and the ache
I feel a shell that has been emptied

What is this suffering ?
Where is the center of your being ?
I feel a lament from the sea
The melancholia and the ache

It is enclosed in your being
Heimdall, silent God,
Is there no cure to your wounds ?

But I feel the wave rolling,
A last look full of meaning,
A door that closes as your turn back
And the vision fades away


3 comments on “A Song For Heimdall

  1. Naedune says:

    So beautiful , with a deep emotion …

  2. Ryan says:

    Beautiful! And such a coincidence . . . I was just researching Heimdall the other day, and your poem is more insightful (and far more meaningful) than the half dozen academic articles I came across in my research.

    • Wow… it touches me so deeply dear ! It was so intense and personal that I had some reluctances posting it… your comment is just so flattering to me, but I take it more as a confirmation of my feeling : better write poems that can be taken as only beautiful and cryptic, and yet can reveal their true meaning to those who seek… (I wanted to write articles but I can’t) Don’t hesitate to ask me privately some questions if you’d like, whether about this poem’s meaning (which is huge…) or anything about Heimdall.

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