Silence is the Law

And here I am again – being presented to Silence as a necessity.

It breaks my heart, because I feel such an urge to discuss, and share, and write… but I am told that Silence is the Law that needs to settle. It feels great, the Silence, but I still don’t manage to adopt it as my new cloak. I’m doing better because I stopped sharing so many details of my path (when it’s private, telling you my experiences at the Père Lachaise are both a pleasure and a work I am asked), I write by metaphors or allusions where before I used to explain everything. But Silence is so precious… so peaceful, and the Spirits ask me again to dive into it.

So since this new month is the beginning of my Sacred Year, and opens with Death in every corner, I’d like to do something special. And so, as I mentioned, even if it will be very hard for me I will do a month of virtual silenc. This blog and my private projects will be closed, or at least put aside, and if I can I’ll also reduce my presence on boards and (your) blogs. There will be no articles, no news. Only emails for those who are already deep in conversation with me. I need to be off, and to be closer to my family, especially the Dead and my Ancestors.

Paeonia Rockii – by Linda Elvira Piedra

Silence is the Law.

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