The Art of Prophecy

The Roots of Prophecy

There once was a cave spider which lived its entire life in total darkness. It evolved to be entirely blind. It wove a gigantic web and then sat waiting patiently in the center. The slightest touch anywhere on this huge web tells the spider everything.  The spider knows if the vibration is a gust of wind from the surface, or a drop of water from the cave wall or a hapless insect.  Thus it is with those we call prophets.

The universe stretches out like a vast web, stretches through space time with an infinite number of connections. The web is concrete in the past, in flux in the present and only a mist of potentialities in the future.  The prophet though, like the spider, can see the interlocking chain of events and predict where the lines of events will lie. It is not magic.  It is simply an understanding of interwoven connections.

☯ Samsaran ☯

Found at Tiger Mind.


2 comments on “The Art of Prophecy

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads says:

    Brilliant. While I wouldn’t call myself a prophet and I don’t see patterns all that often, when I do, it’s exactly *that*.

  2. […] to Valiel  for introducing me to this quote. I wouldn’t ever call myself a prophet, but this paragraph […]

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