Quebec intra muros

Quebec intra muros

City lover,
City explorer
Cities talk to me

Streets, architecture,
Networks of flowing energy
The print of time
The print of people
I feel…
A lot

Wandering in the old streets of Quebec
I feel the pride, the showing
But as one goes down towards the harbour
Streets become thiner, older
And life, actual life, emerges
Inhabitants, natural flows, revealed
Something old, authentic, alive
Yet different

This is the mark of Spirit
This is energy
I walk around and the buildings,
The houses,
Speak of History, of Memory

Am I the only one seeing ?

Layers intermingle
There are different periods, different styles
All sorts of moods
There’s a French side
There’s wider European style
And there’s still
North American staircases and alleys

Where am I ?
I’m here and there
I’m nowhere

I’m caught between lines
I’m caught between times
I’m between
And beyond

That’s what I am
That’s what cities are

Am I the only one seeing ?

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