Mental Illnesses & Madness on the path

How funny the world can bring at your feet exactly what you need. I was wondering if I just never saw such articles or if the pagan sphere doesn’t really talk about this subject (taboo?), and then I found those great links. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Here are other links from my archives :

The traditional topic of shaman sickness by Kaldera

A Loki devotee writes on Madness

Fear, Madness and Magick

The impressive blog of a “sick” pagan (words are bitches…. I’m not sure how to phrase without being rude)

An other article about madness on the path

The Bipolar Mystic Blog (too bad it’s deserted)

New update – Madness Road and Death/Rebirth Processes

Something really different, which speaks of the need for support on the mystic path, and the sudden lack of it.

On spirituality and insanity

Something different about the proximity between schizophrenia and creative geniuses

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness ! 

Shaman Sickness, Part I: Enter the Madness.

Spirit workers are Zombies ?

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