Hail to the Dead Poet !

I found an article first thing this morning, by chance, reminding me that today is the birthday of Jim Morisson.

I have been suddenly sick, so I won’t be able to make it to the Cemetery, unless I feel a little more eneryg. I am dizzy right now, weak, making a walk alone in the cold and rain… not cautious. I wonder if he will have his party today. Because, as I’ve explained a lot before (see the “Sacred Ground” category), Jim’s grave is always a party. People come to his grave everyday, every 15 minutes at least. Even one day under the pouring rain, as I was waiting for Ryan, I’ve seen people desert the cemetery… and yet people came to Jim’s grave. So, I guess today some will remember, and come with a special intention ? Ah, the power of remembrance… it is a powerful capacity that we mortal have, but do people realise it ?

Today I will hail to Jim, and try to meditate on his life, again. Poet he was to me, and shaman. I will try to see what lessons he can teach me as I walk through the Doors. It would be a good day for writing…


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