The Nature Of The Future

This is one of the most mind-blowing things I’ve read thus far. It really struck my heart and soul, and it won’t leave me; it’s still ringing with the intensity of the first discovery and truth. I don’t think I’ve read something this simple and yet this profound, and so alike my experiences. Sea’, you just haev to keep writing.

In the end this is what I had to understand about prophecy: the future is not written in stone, but water. It shifts like a tide but it flows in the one direction it is most natural for it to run. It can be, at the same time, fluid and unavoidable. Yet what it really matters it is not the endgame, but the process to get there. The present is what truly transforms you and that, you can’t predict or control. That, you can always and only to choose.

To put things in context

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