Why No One Can Teach What Queenship Is

Disclaimer : I’m not expert in this matter ; I’m struggling as anyone else is. Just sharing thoughts and insights.

So, why nobody can teach what queenship is ?

My answer will be short and simple… might be disappointing.

No one can tell you because it’s a Mystery.

I try to gather pieces here and there, to corroborate what I’ve felt and experienced, but it’s the only paradigm that I have found till here which works. Each path to queenship is unique, like here queen is, or each priestess. But I feel that it is even more intrinsic than other paths (except godspousery). First, to me queenship requires an election, a calling. But if I say it is unique and non fathomable, that is because it is… weaved in the fibers of our being and soul, I would say. Like threads, of energies, of wyrd, of soul… Intricate, I’m not sure. And the reason no one shares about it on blogs or else, is that it both so intimate, the depth of one’s path and soul, and subject to the law of silence – because Mysteries cannot be told, theoritically (adverb for the skeptic ones).

And that’s it.


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