Queenship and Stewarship

I have just found a document which has nothing to do with queenship, and yet one of the first quotation just seemed to explain a lot of the work ! For all those who look for hints and info, ponder this :

Establishing nature’s worth in and of itself has implications for our use and treatment of it. In aword, these implications are stewardship. Merriam-Webster defines stewardship as “the careful andresponsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” This is a relatively passive definition, however; it doesn’t speak to the more active responsibilities of the steward when the thing entrusted toher is under threat, which is so often true in Tolkien’s literary world. In light of this, a Tolkieniandefinition for stewardship might be “faithful and discerning action on behalf of a beloved landscapeand/or community.” Stewards are responsible to take action for the protection, not just themanagement, of what has been entrusted to them.

Please don’t hesitate to go to the direct source, which I am going to explore when I get the time : Richard Goetsch on Academia.


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