Death is Change

I’m glad that some people try to put into words the unfathomable qualities of Death Work here and there. It gives a slight feeling of comfort that we are many, that while I do the work other also do their part. So I’m glad to pass along their articles. If you missed them there were that one, and this one which is also about change.

It’s funy all the more so since the timing is perfect. I’ve begun a meditation on my own Death Work, on my personal history, and I check the signs on my path. I’ve been surrounded by deities of death since the beginning… when I was unable to hear spirits properly, the Gods were here though. And they were not at first Gods of material death, of corpses, of death work / psychopomping. They were first and above all Gods of Change and transformation. The Morrigan, Dionysos, Khepry (or Kheper), Meretseger (but she is actually about the work). My path is full of deaths and rebirths. I have come to terms with the fact that it will last a very long time. It’s been years already, and I now know that I have to refine myself wholly and in depth, watched by my closest Spirits and Gods. But if I think that Change is inherent to my path of Death, it may be only in the sense that I have to go through the process myself, as a trial, and as a means to become who I need to be. But I don’t believe that it is the very texture and goal of my path, as it is for my online friend here. Just have a look, and you will get the idea :

The Death I walk beside is neither big, nor noisy. It does not announce itself, it does not demand our fear, our mortality, it does not feed on pools of red nor graveyards filled with expensive concrete and marble nor the cries of carrion birds.

The Death I walk beside casts a mortal shadow and demands that we do the same.

It requires our gaze only in that it walks beside me and its very presence requires that we change the plot of our path to accommodate Its shadow.

This Death is our daily guide, carves its initials in our flanks and takes a daily dole from our hearts and our souls.

Its the in-between, the space of change, the black hole that envelopes and hides and requires a sacrifice in order to escape its clutches. Its the people you strive to not make eye-contact with, the severed shadow-selves who perch upon the walk and beg for your attention. Its the hidden, the threshhold, where we have the choice of holding the door open or slamming it close. Its the point where live and death become nebulous. We name it,  call it change and it scares us. Its the chaos of the dark and the chaos of the light pooled across our skins and our brains and our lives.

This is the Death who is my companion, who whispers in my ear that we must be grateful for these opportunities that beat us down and bleed us upon the earth. This is our ritual sacrifice, our returning to the womb.

This is the passage from Life into Death into Life and I am the psychopomp to bear silent witness to the sacred act of rebirth.



2 comments on “Death is Change

  1. As Carlos Castaneda said – always visualize Death as sitting on your left shoulder, then get on with your life, aware of it, but not with it in your face.

  2. Raan says:

    Valiel, thank you. 🙂

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