Of Silence II

To complete this recent article, I may post images or quotes to introduce new “faces” of Silence. I found thanks to our support group a quote that is very interesting : it denotes Silence in his first sense, as it being an inability to hear, or an absence of sounds. It is very interesting to observe Silence as a form of necessarity / inevitable disconnexion.

I love that you’ve titled this post “Lacuna.” I had to look up what a Lacuna is, but I find it compelling, particularly as it’s used in music.

From Wikipedia: “In music, a lacuna is an intentional, extended passage in a musical work during which no notes are played.” “Contrast this to a musical rest, which is of much shorter duration and a normal part of musical performance that serves to create rhythm and movement between notes. In general, rests do not call attention to themselves in the perception of the listener, whereas lacunae actively force the listener to experience silence as part of the overall performance.”

In my own spiritual practice, I have experienced many “spiritual lacunae,” where the Holy Ones are silent, _actively silent_ in order to force me to experience silence as part of our relationship. I think I am going to incorporate this word into how I speak on religion. Thank you.

– Source : Matthew Gerlach on Galina’s blog.


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