Hail to the Dead

A shot from a tomb I had never seen before. It made a deep impression on me, because it was big, and… just powerful. The statues ? Alive… I had the impression to be facing a pagan altar, to some very chthonian deity. Hekate or something… it felt of dirt, of caves… impressive.

It had been a little while since I did go to the Cemetery, not alone at least. Today I really needed to walk for an hour instead of staying at home, moving my body, and so at the first rays of sun around 16:30 I decided to go out. A very quiet moment, I met almost no one, and the place was… intense.

I took a path that seems to be seldom visited, because the all tombs there felt “wilder” than those in the bigger alleys. That is quiet fascinating. I had the impression of entering a real sacred place for once. Flowers for devotion and grief, and not from admirers. I felt like an intruder almost, it was so quiet. And then I began singing for the Dead, and speaking, as I do, and it was different than any other time before. I felt surprise, sometimes hostility for being disturbed. But after I had spoken words of honor, the air was “lighter”. And I guess having made a food offering to an anonymous Dead, and communed, prayed, helped also. This part of the cemetery is special… it felt empty of human energy. It’s not complicated to go there, it’s the side… but I had the feeling now one goes there. And I lost myself, really felt disoriented, didn’t know where I was, for the first time. Felt like crossing to he other side…

I had to hail a guardian and ask for the exit (time was passed!). And we had to walk quite far…


4 comments on “Hail to the Dead

  1. Beautiful mausoleum! I love old cemeteries, the carved stones, the old trees, the silence. I do Ghede work at such old cemeteries.

    • Oh dear ! Did you ever talk about your Ghede work somewhere ? 😀

      • No I have never posted anything on that. I am self trained and it all started when I was in New Orleans and brought home a statue of Babaluaye and it seems a bunch of Loa followed me home, lol. I am vegetarian so practice bloodless much like Sallie Ann Glassman’s system (you can amazon her books and excellent tarot). I guess I will have to post that experience though some things I like to keep relatively secret about.

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