Spiritual Alliance… or Marriage

(I should re-read myself these days, too tired to write. Sorry for the horrible misspellings)

I will try to gather here in the future articles that offer different perspectives on working very closely to the Spirits. I have a problem with the term “godspousery”, even if it is highly common now and practical to use. A little too “human” for me, and not wide enough. I think there are many different types or possible alliances with the Spirits and Gods, that are deeply bonding and yet impossible to classify with the term “marriage”. When you are committed to primal spirits, it seems inappropriate. When it involves a spirit/god from the same “gender” as you are, it also seems disturbing. What matters is the core energy of the relationship, and the love. At least, that’s what I’ve seen for now. I’m biased because I like to go beyond our social model, but I acknowledge that many people encounter a “typical” kind of marriage on the spiritual plane. Anyway.

Here is a post you may have seen but that I’ve found with delay. It explains quite a few things about a certain type of Spiritual Alliance : marriage / godspousery.

Here is a post that raises many (!) questions about the many different paths to the Gods, including godspousery (but also queenship, sacred motherhood…)

I will need some time to gather my old links on the subject. If you have any suggestion I’ll take them gladly.


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