No experiences needed

If one focuses on facts and not on the emotional side of this article (feeling judged, fears of etc), it is excellent.

I think you don’t need any special “tuning” to perform a ritual even if it is better. It always disturbs me when I attend to a ritual where the person doesn’t “hear” or “feel”,  because I do, and I can’t conceive doing otherwise, yet I have witnessed the presence of the God/dess invoked “descend” to the sacred place. Anyway, worth a read (and short!)

The Druid's Cosmos

If any of you are still following my blog, you might have noticed lately that I haven’t been posting much.  I’d like to offer an explanation as to why.

When I first became Pagan, I did rituals to the best of my ability.  I tried to feel energy while casting circles and visualize as I worked spells.  I called to the Goddess and the God and asked for help with various things.  I made charm bags and took purification baths.

None of this was very effective for me.  When I became an ADF Druid, I did the same thing:  performed rituals and other workings to the best of my ability.  I still couldn’t really “feel” the presence of the Kindreds during my rituals, or direct energy, or visualize very well.  It would seem to some that I am not a very spiritual person, then, since I don’t have many “experiences.”

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