Today I Have Sworn

My recent work with the Morrigan is kind of intense… This is too personal a shadow work to share, but here is a text that resulted, which I originally posted on my online shrine for Her.

L'Antre de Morrigan

Un texte pour les moments difficiles, une litanie, un mantra, à répéter, répéter, et répéter encore, pour trouver la force. (Morrigan, La Souveraineté, Macha)

(je cherche l’auteur ! Si vous le connaissez, merci de nous informer par commentaire!)

Today I have sworn.

I have come to the circle of stones and the high seat
I have come and met with the Lady in white and red
I have faced my weaknesses, and I have committed
To learn to live with Honor.

Today I claim to be the Sovereign,
In myself and for myself,
In accordance with the Land
Only I can decide,
Know what is to be
And what is not

I claim to know my Truth
And live it

I will claim my talents and achievements
I will let nobody diminish them
I will claim my path
And each step of the way
My choices
As only I can…

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