Banishing Guilt

A hypnotic mantra that I will keep very close.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

2013 has been . . . a year. It has been a wretched year for many people I know and love dearly, and because of that I feel badly that, for me, it’s been a year of recovery and breathing, of holding still and letting the wretchedness of last year travel its course. I won’t lie — a decent amount of the beginning of this year was lost, to sleep and to wine. I’m not ashamed. My kind, we hibernate. I hibernated.

2012 came to a close and took my grandparents and one of our girls with it. We prayed that we would end 2013 with our household numbers stable, and so far it looks like we’ll be granted that — various tush troubles not-withstanding. (Anal sacs! The horrible, horrible things anal sacs can cause!)

I wrote a lot of material this year. More than I’ve written in any one…

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Note to Self, or a reminder to the aspiring polytheist

A poem to meditate.

Yew, Oak, & Apple

Remember that your gods are alive
that they are not captured in stories any more
than you are captured as the girl who won the spelling bee
only to lose the next or the one who cried
over a boy who never wanted love.
If you cannot be easily summed up,
never expect it of Powers. Never
limit your knowing to the words of the long dead,
themselves captured in the instant of writing,
a slice thin enough for a microscope, too delicate
to hold more than one instant of a mortal
life. Do not blind yourself to what lives
in fatal reverence to what once was. Live
with them. That boy is forgotten for one who loves
and the spelling bee fades to a memory, a dusty trophy.
Do not make trophies of your gods.

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On Oracles and Diviners

Reminders about the work of oracles and diviners, precautions to take on both sides. It needed to be out there and spread ! It’s short and clear, something you have to read. It speaks a lot to my work and recent endeavors (trying to be conscious of my filter).

Queen of the Waiting Ones

Oracles and Diviners do not carry the final word of any God.  They may only give you what they can translate through their own mental, emotional, and spiritual filters, which includes any tools of their trade.  First and foremost, an Oracle or a Diviner, is atranslator of a God’s Will.  The words are not theirs, and should not be followed by rote.

The Oracle’s interpretations of the words should be limited in the beginning, and only expanded upon by request of the querent.  If an Oracle or Diviner gives you unsolicited advice or interpretation, politely thank them, but hold onto your own interpretation first.  The words are addressed to the querent, not to the Oracle.

If an Oracle insists that you must follow their interpretation, despite your having to walk your very own path, and not theirs, then you have an example of a false Oracle.  Not false…

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