Haikus for the Gods

I was thinking at first of a joke when Heather first shared it, but I started reading the blog and it actually blew my mind. Some of those haikus are pearls. Insights of the God Loki, or of any relationships with the Gods. Views from the inside, revisiting the myths. It’s… baffling really. Dare have a try.

I’ll just leave here for my own personal record one that stopped me on the spot :

spread on love’s altar
am I being sacrificed
or am I worshipped?

(original link, with picture and explanations)


2 comments on “Haikus for the Gods

  1. beanalreasa says:

    I had thought the very same — that the site was meant as a joke, or in the spirit of fun (which, by the way, isn’t necessarily a *bad* thing).
    Nonetheless, I found myself surprised and incredibly moved by many of the haikus, including the one that you have posted here.

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