Freyja’s Friday (4): Unexpected Faces

When we open ourselves to experience, weird things happen. This is such a case.

It had been months since I had seen this notebook cover in my favorite shop, and kept seeing it each time I went (which is regularly). It baffled me for its peculiar style, appearing so bright and girly with the sparkles and reflections, and young-looking character… it was weird to me. Not exactly childish, and yet. I was feeling that this was a beautiful piece, and yet it was unsettling for some unknown reason. I was saying to mayself that I couldn’t buy a notebook which was not exactly my type, that I didn’t need a new one, so that I’ll pass my turn. But then I kept seeing it, and seeing it, and it stayed strange and pulling to me. I wondered if I had a problem with a feminine character being so visible, if that reflected something about the sacred feminine and my body that I needed to ponder on, or if this scenery appealed to me because of it reminding me of fairy tale (Snow White) but having a style I couldn’t exactly pin down or accept. But I couldn’t settle on any answer.

Today as I went to the shop, it occurred to me that I needed to look at the notebook again, and then I understood one part of it: Usually, I see some versions of the Snow White myth as a re-reading of Sovereignty, Land, and Queen patterns / myths, which I associate with the Morrigan. But strangely, I didn’t see the Morrigan here, which is what confused me. Tonight as I looked down to the cover, I realized the energy I was feeling was Freyja’s and not the Morrigan, but Freyja has *never* appeared to me as a black haired woman, a Goddess roaming in Autumn or Winter (the clothes colors tend towards winter), hence was unable to recognize her! Since I am on a cycling of devotion with her, writing a lot, praying a lot, I thought she could deserve her own notebook, like the Morrigan does.  And…. I kind of got that I deserved it too. There might be something she wants to teach me about Beauty again. Having a beautiful notebook as a treat for the recent work, or maybe take responsability for one’s own peculiar beauty, caring a “girly” / sparkly notebook, etc. We’ll see.

Anyway, this a picture by the artist Mila Marquis.




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