Freyja’s Friday (5): The Smell of Roses

At first I pushed back the idea away from me, because it seems such a clichee about romantic and sensual Goddesses that I didn’t want it… But it stuck. It stuck to the point of following me everywhere, so I made a few courteous gestures to the Lady: Ok, I get the message! Apparently She has a thing with the Smell of Roses, it’s kind of… intoxicating when She really insists on it. I am decided to have fun with it though, because it had been a really long Gods had not communicated with me through smells. So I bought an oil-perfume that I am going to dedicated to her specifically, and I found this incredible ink, seems back from the old school years of the 17eth Century! French Salons and perfumed letters, damn.

I wonder if other people have encountered Freyja through Roses.




2 comments on “Freyja’s Friday (5): The Smell of Roses

  1. beanalreasa says:

    ‘I wonder if others have encountered Freyja through roses.’
    The first rose-bush I ever planted when my husband and I bought our first home in 2011, I dedicated to Freyja. And that rose bush grew *huge* and thrived for five years straight.
    In March of 2016, we suffered a storm that damaged it – and when I replaced it, I neglected to dedicate it to Her.
    It died within two months.
    And so did the next one.
    I have gathered that if I ever plant roses again, I should dedicate them to Her from here on out. O.o

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