Freyja’s Friday (4): Unexpected Faces

When we open ourselves to experience, weird things happen. This is such a case.

It had been months since I had seen this notebook cover in my favorite shop, and kept seeing it each time I went (which is regularly). It baffled me for its peculiar style, appearing so bright and girly with the sparkles and reflections, and young-looking character… it was weird to me. Not exactly childish, and yet. I was feeling that this was a beautiful piece, and yet it was unsettling for some unknown reason. I was saying to mayself that I couldn’t buy a notebook which was not exactly my type, that I didn’t need a new one, so that I’ll pass my turn. But then I kept seeing it, and seeing it, and it stayed strange and pulling to me. I wondered if I had a problem with a feminine character being so visible, if that reflected something about the sacred feminine and my body that I needed to ponder on, or if this scenery appealed to me because of it reminding me of fairy tale (Snow White) but having a style I couldn’t exactly pin down or accept. But I couldn’t settle on any answer.

Today as I went to the shop, it occurred to me that I needed to look at the notebook again, and then I understood one part of it: Usually, I see some versions of the Snow White myth as a re-reading of Sovereignty, Land, and Queen patterns / myths, which I associate with the Morrigan. But strangely, I didn’t see the Morrigan here, which is what confused me. Tonight as I looked down to the cover, I realized the energy I was feeling was Freyja’s and not the Morrigan, but Freyja has *never* appeared to me as a black haired woman, a Goddess roaming in Autumn or Winter (the clothes colors tend towards winter), hence was unable to recognize her! Since I am on a cycling of devotion with her, writing a lot, praying a lot, I thought she could deserve her own notebook, like the Morrigan does.  And…. I kind of got that I deserved it too. There might be something she wants to teach me about Beauty again. Having a beautiful notebook as a treat for the recent work, or maybe take responsability for one’s own peculiar beauty, caring a “girly” / sparkly notebook, etc. We’ll see.

Anyway, this a picture by the artist Mila Marquis.




Freyja’s Friday (3): A Mourning Ritual

So here is a thing. I relate a lot to Freyja as a Goddess of Shores, in the sense that she has roamed some shore for a long part of her life. There is a lot of power in these places, which were the first to call me, the first where I did magick possibly. I feel that the presence of the Lady is strong here, as Mardöll ; her story of the woman heart torn because of a far away love is strong within me. Since I had something very special on my hands, which I had tremendous difficulties getting through, I felt that a ritual was needed for me to be able to go through the process properly. All the more so since the Spirit of the Sea had been calling me for a few weeks.

Caracterictics of the ritual: sea magic, thread magic, purification, mourning ritual, relationship ritual, calling of the Spirit of the Sea, calling of Freyja in her Mardöll aspect, …

Intentions of the ritual:

Stating that the relationship that I had was Sacred. That it was a Gift made by the Lady, and that what we had was completely unexpected and magical. Any comment that I received, any hint at criticism, was felt terribly strongly within my being, as if they were almost sacrilegious. I wondered first if I was just losing my mind over it, being overpossessive and completely in denial. Then, I rather observed how I had felt and reacted through this past year, and considered on the contrary that what I was experiencing facing adversity was similar to a reaction to Taboo. Thus, I had to state how much that love meant to me, to him, to us, and how Sacred it was. I had to make it an intention to protect it from spoil and disgrace.

Letting go. I needed to be able to let things flow again. I thought I had done my hardest break ups already, but I was wrong obviously. This one tore me apart, as I had such an intense love for him, and him for me, that it seemed completely unsane and absurd to part. When I finally said goodbye to him the last day, when we had settled everything, I cried my heart out…. And for days, I couldn’t bear the lost. Everything came to mind, whereas I had taken a month to reflect on this and arrive at this decision, that I needed it. I was really afraid of calling him again, of staying stuck in the hurt and past. Which is when I decided I needed help to learn to let go, and so I conceived the ritual.

Clarifying things in order to mourn properly. I needed to state the sacredness mentionned above, the intensity of the love, but also that I was not denying everything. To myself, and to my unconscious, I needed to make clear that I wanted to keep what we had had on my wyrd, in my memory, and not throw our whole relationship away. I just needed to let go of the ties we might still had, in order to heal and grow again, to find my center back.

Note : I imagine this can be adapted to *any* kind of relationship, be it friendship or romantic relationship. Also, it could be adapted to actually separate people’s thread, and releasing a whole past, instead of preserving it. I imagine this could be adapted to work with Aphrodite or other Love and Sea Goddesses.

What I used:

  • a cup to hold water and salt
  • salt
  • a necklace dedicated to the sea
  • an object that was given to me by the person in question
  • two threads of fabric to tie together, long enough so as to obtain a small “bread” plus two separate threads again after the knot (symbolising the wyrds being entertwined in the past, and now going separate ways)
  • a knife (sacred if possible) to cut the cord / braid

What you would need:

  • An offering for the spirits of the place (a song in my case)
  • An offering for the Spirit of the sea (the necklace in my case, plus a song)
  • An offering to Freyja (I had done a lot of offerings and devotions already)

Type of place needed:

The sea proper, or an actual river that goes to the sea. Eg: I did my ritual on the shores of the St Laurent River, whichs goes to the ocean. I don’t recommend using a pond, as it is associated with stagnant energies. At least you need a stream. Or, you can adapt the ritual to state that this is all symbolic since you can’t go to the sea yourselves.


Simplest of rituals work most efficiently. Here it goes.

  • Opening.

Go to the place, introduce yourself (and your Sacred Witness if you need one; strangely introduced mine at the end, as a grateful closing).
Ask and thank the spirits of the place and the spirit of the Sea to allow you here. Make an offering — this is where I chanted.

  • Consecration.

If you need to, consecrate the space. For this ritual, I considered the place was already so charged of the energy of the river and sea (the place was really strong), and especially that day with crazy wind and currents in the river, that I didn’t needed consecrating it. I just stated that the 3 worlds were aligned. But I wanted energy to get through. (I work specifically with Heimdall for this in my rituals).

  • Purification.

Very very important part. Purify yourself with care. I took water from the stream in the cup, added a lot of salt and stirred. Then I purified the feet, hands, solar plexus, heart, throat chraka, third eye, and crown chakra. I purified my Witness Myself, and then me.

Then, I took the sea necklace and purified it too, plus then took water from the stream to open communication between the energies, between my offering (necklace), my ritual and the Spirits of the sea.

  • Core: discourse-prayer-invocation-intention.

“O Spirit of the Sea
My cup is full
I feel your pull
I heard your song
I was drawn by the lull

As I am inside this body
I can’t become as fluid as You are
But there are ways to learn
To let go, and let flow
Let go and let flow

As My Lady before me
My heart aches
My heart weeps
My Love far in the distance
Across the Ocean

I have come to Your Winds
To Your salty water and air
To wash my feet &  wash my heart
Looking for purification

(note: it’s possible to do the purification at this moment, but I prefered to do it beforehand)

Will You receive the sacrifice of my sorrow and tears
As my Lady’s before me?
Will You Both teach me
How to transform pain into Gold
Pain into Treasure?

I do not deny the past
Our paths have crossed
And joined for a while
We Loved and cherished & treasured each other
Until the abundance ran out
I followed the Law
I had to let it go

Can You receive my Love?
Please welcome here the threads of our past,
I need to go a separate path for now
I need us to rest, heal and grow
I am looking for my center
For my own self

Our Love seemed as deep as the Sea
Thus I dedicate it to You
Who stood between us”

//At this point, if you did not do it before the ritual, take the two threads of fabric, tie a knot at one hand ; then braid them together remembering the past of your relationship, the joys, some key memories ; go till the middle of the threads, make a new knot, and let the rest flow freely. After, present it to the sky and/or sea, and take you knife to cut the threads after the knot, in order to separate the braided part and the loose part. Offer the braid to the stream and let it go to the sea.//

“O Bright-Lady, who roamed on the shors
How did You survive that opening,
That tearing and bleeding of the heart?
How did you survive that Loss
That missing part of Yourself?

I do not want to stay in the past
Or stuck on the shor waiting
Please help me see the horizon
Help me soothe the pain
As I offer it to the Sea”

///If emotions come to the surface as this point, this is “perfect”. The ideal would be to let tears pour into the stream/river.///

“Help me see that if the time is right
If that is Just
That He and I will meet again
Please help me find a Vessel for that Sacred Love
So that it does not consume me
Help me see that nothing is Lost
Whatever happens from now on”

//I breathed, then I  release the single braid representing my former partner, and gave it to the sea, saying “Goodbye X”. I breathed, and released my own, saying “Goodbye me”. //

//At this point I needed to chant again as a way to release the past and emotions, exchanging with the Sea too. Some part I did on the shore, some part I need as I immersed my hands into the stream while singing.//

And that it is.

[Note : If I could have had it, I would also have made a paper ship out of recycled and non-treated paper, put in on the stream and burn it, as a kind of burial norse rite, to consecrate and make our Love sacred and dedicate it to sea, as was stated. ]






Let’s Try Something: Freyja’s Friday (1)

So I’m late, it’s already the night, but I had promised myself I would try this today, it’s been a week already since I postoned…. so at least I’ll introduce the idea anyway.

It’s been on my mind for quite some time now. Freyja is an already well known Goddess, she doesn’t look like she’s having trouble having devotees, lovers, etc compared to some others. But I… I don’t know. I have felt an urge to write about Her, to share the love, even though I’m a nobody somewhere on the Internet, lost into the ocean of blogs. I don’t have the hubris of wanting, even hoping, to write some “Freyja’s Lovenotes”, which are so needed into the world. But, at least I wish to to talk about the sweetness of her lessons, the so well known pieces of advice on self-esteem and selfcare – but, you know, those which are so hard to follow nevertheless? If I have time, if I feel comfortable about it, I could also talk about magic teachings and Valkyrie initiations, among others, because She has a lot to teach, a lof of skills and domains. But I am unsure I’ll be able, might be to intimate. What’s very strange… is that the lessons on body, self-care, care of the mind, one’s esteem etc, are actually very difficult tasks; also, things that would put me into an uncomfortable position as it would expose some of my vulnerabilities…. But, strangely, I am directed to write about that.

I don’t feel strong enough and confident enough to do a whole month, like a “Month for Freyja” kind of thing (even if that would be awesome that everybody shared!), but I wish to propose bit by bit of Freyja’s fragments. Which would, always, be posted on Friday, even though not necessarily every Friday. It would feel easier than the huuuugggeee article I had kept as a draft (seriously) for months, maybe even a year now, which is so intimitating that I never wrote it.

For this first, introductory post, I will state something that always makes me wonder: Freyja has a strange feeling of “home” about her.

Maybe that is something that is solely linked to me, what I am, what I need, and what Face she chooses to show me, how she behaves with me. But, she has this intense, very intense totally quiet quality. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked with the very silent Sigyn, and with the all the more so silent Meretseger, Watcher of the Dead and Queen of silence! What she radiates is different. Sigyn is tough, resilient, enduring, quiet…. but still living. Freyja, when she comes to me in a none war-like aspect, or Vanaheim-glamoury-person aspect, is completely calm. It’s not only that she is silent, it is the aura of peace that she transpires. Something that is incredibly agreeble. So, I have this terrible attraction for finding her back at the end of the day, and even though I’m working home a lot, I still get this feeling of “coming home”. Does that make sense? I wonder if other people get the some impression. She’s my refuge. I come to her for soothing and peace. I’m glad she has accepted to stay around.

So here we go! I did it. I’ll try to do more, not be shy about, and stop blocking myself.



Quebec intra muros

Quebec intra muros

City lover,
City explorer
Cities talk to me

Streets, architecture,
Networks of flowing energy
The print of time
The print of people
I feel…
A lot

Wandering in the old streets of Quebec
I feel the pride, the showing
But as one goes down towards the harbour
Streets become thiner, older
And life, actual life, emerges
Inhabitants, natural flows, revealed
Something old, authentic, alive
Yet different

This is the mark of Spirit
This is energy
I walk around and the buildings,
The houses,
Speak of History, of Memory

Am I the only one seeing ?

Layers intermingle
There are different periods, different styles
All sorts of moods
There’s a French side
There’s wider European style
And there’s still
North American staircases and alleys

Where am I ?
I’m here and there
I’m nowhere

I’m caught between lines
I’m caught between times
I’m between
And beyond

That’s what I am
That’s what cities are

Am I the only one seeing ?

A Song For Heimdall

You are the silent God

You arrive, you turn your head
I see your eyes, I see you’ve seen
You see me, your eyes tell so much
But you say nothing

It seems your voice has been lost in space and time
Did you lose it to the Void when you made the sacrifice ?
For it is the depth of the Void that I feel in you

There is only your eyes, your eyes that tell so much
I look at you, and you at me, and I see
I see through you, it seems I hear
But I know I don’t

Your eyes are like the well of Mimir
I can lose myself into them
I feel the depth without end
I feel the knowledge supreme

But where does your heart lay ?
Inside the water of the well
I feel the darkness and the ache
I feel a shell that has been emptied

What is this suffering ?
Where is the center of your being ?
I feel a lament from the sea
The melancholia and the ache

It is enclosed in your being
Heimdall, silent God,
Is there no cure to your wounds ?

But I feel the wave rolling,
A last look full of meaning,
A door that closes as your turn back
And the vision fades away


Adoration to Heimdall by Salena

I found this marvellous piece by Salena about Heimdall who I’m beginning to work with, and I wanted to share it.

I adore you sire of mankind

I adore you whitest of Gods

I adore you friend of Mardoll

I adore you God of heavens

I adore you son of undines

I adore you defender of Brisingamen

I adore you God of light

I adore you of the wet back

I adore you teacher of runes

I adore you golden tooth

I adore you lone ear

I adore you keeper of Bifrost

I adore you God of boundaries

I adore you rider of Gulltopr

I adore you mysterious God

I adore you brewer’s grandchild

I adore you secretive friend

I adore you Thor’s vexer

I adore you Trickster’s foe

I adore you Freya’s loyalty

I adore you honor’s beacon

I adore you wry neck

I adore you sounder of Gjallorhorn

I adore you guardian of Gods

I adore you Gullintanni

I adore you of the rainbow

I adore you warrior friend

I adore you whose horn carries the waters of Mimir’s well

I adore you who sees a hundred leagues

I adore you who hears wool grow

I adore you of the furious calm

I adore you of the gentle storm

I adore you who pledged your hearing

I adore you who hears the spindle

I adore you bright brother to Loki

I adore you sea battler

I adore you slayer of Lopt

I adore you slayed by Lopt

I adore you of the eternal stiff back

I adore you wind-shelter

I adore you warrior of seal form

I adore you who sleeps less than a bird

I adore you who watches

I adore you agent of sorcery

I adore you of the muddy back

I adore you rider of Yggdrasil

I adore you who sees as the Van

I adore you God of priests

I adore you tender patron

I adore you tallest of Gods

I adore you bright one

I adore you wearer of ram cloak

I adore you of the sacral rites

I adore you Hallinskiði

I adore you glowing-horn

I adore you fostered of Oðin

I adore you wind listener

I adore you bekri

I adore you discerning sentinel

I adore you my muse of Suttungr’s mead

I adore you birthed of nine elements

I adore you nourished of the sap of the earth

I adore you nourished of the ice-cold sea

I adore you  nourished of the boar’s blood

I adore you irminsul of my soul

I adore you shining bloom

I adore you world flourishing

I adore you bright dazzler

I adore you of quiet humor

I adore you glittering coat

I adore you of the curved horn

I adore you weaver of patterns

I adore you easer of strife

I adore you arch of heavens

I adore you collector of knowledge

I adore you Rigr, sire of Ríg-Jarl.

I adore you of the quiet strength

I adore you Loki’s traveling friend

I adore you born of waves

I adore you known as Lordly

I adore you who reside of air

I adore you who lives on the rocks of heaven

I adore you born ere of days of yore

I adore you survivor at last dusk’s tide

I adore you holder of prophecy

I adore you sleepless watcher

I adore you gazer of far

I adore you duet of wine

I adore you sire of high and low

I adore you of the drum-heart’s rhythm

I adore you stern master

I adore you keeper of wisdoms

I adore you singer of spells

I adore you who holds the world

I adore you beneficent fire

I adore you God of the sun

I adore you of the woodpecker’s peal

I adore you of the contemplative moment

I adore you gentle love

Dionysos, Revealer

Hail Dionysos
The Love of Gods
Revealer of Light

There are no chains
But those I accept to submit to
The truth is that we are absolutely free

There is no obstacle to who I am
But the limitations I set
The truth is that I can be

Hail to You
Love of Gods
Dionysos the Great