And it grows darker and darker

It’s been quite a while since I came here. I’m tired. I’m always booked and overwhelmed with work. I had such a plentiful summer in 2014, I thought I would have some relief… But no. Each time I make a step, a new trial come in. Like an unceasing process of transformation and growth. It keeps coming quicker and quicker, whereas I crave for catching my breath. This Wheel of the Year has been really strange. Darker than the usual. Full of gaps. Some Sacred Festival didn’t “happen” energetically, like they were out of the map… The World is changing. There was no break through at “Imbolc” (or else) in February, no lustration, no renewed light. And afterwards Spring was held off for quite a while. And now… I only feel the storm gathering, heavy above our heads, making me so sick I laid in bed for 4 days. Where’s the Great Queen ? And where’s Freyja ? The year is dark. I am sinking into an Ocean of introspection that is never ending.

Only the Dead remain. And Ancestors. Restless. Relentless.

I had the chance of grasping this wonderful and rare tool in order to help me anchor and work with them : prayer beads for Hyndla, our Grand-Mother, the ultimate teacher for me. The Norns are not far, but their work is heavy and they have let me rest till now… I imagine I’ll get something for them too in the near future.

( >click for more pictures< and description by the crafter,
whom I cannot recommend enough)

I’m locked away in my room, and in my mind, drifting. Shifting. Fighting. And then off to work in that ferocious world. And back again, in the room. Reading, writing, working. There are no words available for me to the world yet.

Take care.


Trésors de voyage et spiritualité “passive”

A French article of mine about new discoveries while away from hometown and home. How to manage to get to the flow with no landmarks, and how to live in a “passive” spiritual mode (receptive rather than active).

Anyway look for the shots from a marvellous (!) Greek vase I found on a second-hand fair / flea market. Hermes and others are going to get their special moment.

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Valiel sur la Voie des Dieux

Être en voyage et essayer de “penser à autre chose”, même si techniquement la vie spirituelle et la vie profane ne font qu’une, ralentir le rythme, être hors de chez soi et donc sans ses autels et outils, n’avoir plus de repère, plus d’attaches…. C’est une configuration qui aide grandement à relativiser, à se “couper” un peu. Parfois ça me fait du bien de juste laisser tout cela “en attente”. C’est à dire, laisser les “grosses” pratiques de côté, pour être plus simplement dans le présent, et me contenter des petites choses.

La spiritualité “passive” pour moi, c’est penser à autre chose mais rester ouvert, et suivre les cailloux. Une corneille qui passe et qui fait un raffut d’enfer ; une essence d’arbre que je vois rarement d’habitude, ramasser une feuille ; découvrir des sentiers sympas dans de nouvelles villes ; regarder les rayons de librairie et trouver des titres…

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Precious sacred tools

I’m not a big fan of tools, but they can be very useful and inspiring. So when I need one, I take much time to think, to create it myself or to look for the right one. Here are prayer beads which never leave me, always in my pocket or in my bag. It’s really sacred, a means of devotion…

Shamanic chain to the Spirits (c) Moony

Polytheist rosary (essentially celtic) (c) Moony

Ornament of the Forest dedicated to my deer Totem (c) Dver, “Im Walde”