The Knowledge Found in Silence

Sharing a Witchvox article on the practice of silence. The best part is at the core of the article, but I won’t quote the whole thing out of respect, only the first paragraphs.

“Have you taken a walk alone in a forest, or through a meadow, or along the seashore and come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? Have you been so excited about the healing effects of that walk that you invited a loved one with you the next time? Did you find that the effects of that lone walk were no longer so pronounced, perhaps even hard to feel at all? We often underestimate the power and knowledge to be found in silence.

Most people find it very difficult to be silent. It is not a natural ability but a learned skill for people. We congregate in groups large and small. We build community through ritual or family. We give into the desire to share what we have found and so often we lose what that was because we have broken the silence. I learned at a very young age that I am refreshed among the trees. I gain insight to myself and the world around me easiest among the trees. I feel the powers of earth, air, water, fire and spirit strongest among the trees. I am betting that wherever you feel closest to the mother, it is in silence that you feel it strongest. We tend to be a loud, clumsy, and exuberant people compared to the four legged and winged brethren. Our voices and noise drown out the quieter voices of the world so easily.” 

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Funny Anniversary !

Oh this is sooo nice and perfectly coincidental !

Both for the literary side and the animist work of mine, I had to post before I go to town again. Fellows, it is the great anniversary of Moby Dick by the immense Herman Melville.  The Whale Spirit really is insisting…


PS : New York City is really impressive by the way…

The Forest is Alive !

I guess that what is puzzling with shamanism is that you do not see your own progress. – And that is my case.

I have a very lovely forest near my place and I go there quite often with my parents or with my best friend. For months now, I have acquired a sort of ritual each time I go. As we go up the hill I focus on the intention, I begin to connect with the forest. Before, I just imagined, or rather visualise, I guess, or I concentrated on details willingly. It was very naive. Now I have learned to really open my mind, to alter my consciousness state, and I really get things. It is so that the wind tells me the right direction, offers me an interesting odour to reflect upon, the sun reveals invisible details, I’m able to see the very tiny particules of life everywhere even under the leaves and in the shade. I thought I would never be able to do it, but finally I can the “locus animi”, the Spirit of the Forest, and all the elemental, small spirits, nymphs, whatever. And the Forest is SO alive ! The colors are deep, the sounds are endless, life is everywhere to be observed, tracks of wild animals,  … And so many signs, so many coïncidence. I had an amazing encounter with 5 deers on the path as I asked to the Forest to meet my Totem ! I can asked for secret ways, sometimes I see doors, moving shadows, and I even heard the Spirits speak. The rhythm of the walk, the rhythm of the breath, the visual effect of my pendulum/wheeling prayer beads, the effect of the soil under my moving feet, all this is a thread to follow for trance to happen and it is really efficient even if I’m just a beginner.

My work with the Spirits is becoming intense. And I have so much to do.

I feel so Alive. I feel so blessed and grateful.