Quebec intra muros

Quebec intra muros

City lover,
City explorer
Cities talk to me

Streets, architecture,
Networks of flowing energy
The print of time
The print of people
I feel…
A lot

Wandering in the old streets of Quebec
I feel the pride, the showing
But as one goes down towards the harbour
Streets become thiner, older
And life, actual life, emerges
Inhabitants, natural flows, revealed
Something old, authentic, alive
Yet different

This is the mark of Spirit
This is energy
I walk around and the buildings,
The houses,
Speak of History, of Memory

Am I the only one seeing ?

Layers intermingle
There are different periods, different styles
All sorts of moods
There’s a French side
There’s wider European style
And there’s still
North American staircases and alleys

Where am I ?
I’m here and there
I’m nowhere

I’m caught between lines
I’m caught between times
I’m between
And beyond

That’s what I am
That’s what cities are

Am I the only one seeing ?


Hermes around ? City life and spirituality

It is so strange that after so many months of silence, of partial taboo, that I begin to naturally think about sharing things. Maybe it’s of no interest, but I feel like I wish to use this journal again. Share the small things that make a life a spiritual one. To this purpose I am rebuilding the confusing categories I made when I created the blog.
And here I am, sharing new thoughts when I already posted something yesterday. I’ve always felt intellectually attracted to the God Hermes. I had the impression he was nice, and his qualities and field of expertise always spoke to me. And yet, nothing could come of it, there was no sign of any relationship and I could feel nothing (which is rather rare) even when I read other people’s accounts. I thought it was how it is supposed to be, but then came yesterday and today’s experience. And the week before. But it all came clear today, this morning. Hermes may be around. And I’ve decided to honor him in my daily life and practice !

I’ve been in a state of “in between” for a week, after a huge spiritual vision and experience, kind of a horrifying and awe-inspiring thing. Anyway, I might be closer to the Underworld since then, caught between the two worlds. And it seems plausible that Hermes took this opportunity. I’m feeling energies in a new way, or rather intensifying my natural tendency to visualise in 3D and in dynamic motions. This City is really huge – Paris for those who don’t know. I’m feeling its life, its energy, its spirit more strongly as time passes. It pleases me a lot because it feels like a huge map, like a country in itself, even more than that, I feel like it is a maze, a labyrinth. And the more I work with Dionysos and the Underworld, the more I love this image and this energy system. As I explained to Ryan when we met, I try to get used to living my spirituality day to day in a city, and not in my beloved forests. It is so disturbing and yet so natural too. It feels rewarding to be connected in such a stimulating and overwhelmed environment. To be there in the flow, and yet live in the moment, be able to take your time and see, I mean, really see and feel Not to be caught in the quickening pace of the busy suburban life. Ok, it’s a little disturbing because it reinforces my feeling of being weird and apart from other people. But damn’ it, to feel this lively and this connected to the web of thing ? I would not give that up. But I’m digressing.

The funny thing is to notice the places where I make my spiritual experiences. Not just notice where I see a raven, the very places that make you feel things. That attract you, and why, that reach towards you (happens a lot!), the spirits that wander around… It is obvious and yet I can’t not mention it, but the history of the city bears a significant meaning, you can feel layers of time, layers of energy, threads, all over the place. Plus the energy of people who lived there or undertook some particular actions. But then, you have to look at the smaller things. In those well known places, look not at the buildings but at the trees for example. How long have they been there ? What did they see happen ? To you feel its energy ? Is it part of what you feel, or the energy of the place, or is it different ? Can you feel if it influences the place energy ? But the most impressive experiences happen in the middle of “nowhere”, as I explained Ryan. I’m lucky enough to live in a place away from monuments, so we have a real neighborhood life. And this is in such more anonymous areas that funny things come up. The spontaneity, the particularity of natural elements and animals… you can encounter energies of a different… “tone”, I might say. Something really mondain, which have the everyday life quality. And yet, you make marvellous Spirits encounters. I love small streets for that reason, but mostly things happen to me in small parks and in the middle of the subway ! If you are there open to your surroundings, anything can happen. And lately, I’ve felt a lot of spiritual things in the subway.

Which is why I came here. After this long detour, we come to my title, Hermes. Lately I’ve been experiencing that the tube is some kind of energetic net to itself, rather separate from that of above in the streets. The spirits that wander there seem to be different. I had this weird vision that the subway is the underworld… that it works very similarly, like a confusing maze surrounded by “slow” and “dense” energies. Which is interesting because as I said before, the streets above form another kind of maze, but in a different way. Are those two connected ? How do they work ? They are like layers…. can we go even further down ? I wonder if the subway can then be a real entrance to the underworld, like a hub. And indeed, I’ve had less difficulties contacting certain spirits in there… Plus, I’ve observed this very funny fact : people get lost like in the underworld. I may emphasize it too much, but it is what I experienced down there, arriving at a threshold and losing myself totally in a gigantic maze. I tend to have a split vision, you know “pathwalking” or else : often I can see two things, two planes, at the same time. Be it either the “middle world” or the world below. And the past week I’ve seen so many tourists going in circle and being so lost, I’ve felt behind it something not from this world. I saw us caught in a net that is not only physical…. I saw us in the underworld. That’s where Hermes comes in. I felt him there, it never happened before, I couldn’t experience is divine essence. But then, at the end of all those corridors and crossroads, with all those lost foreigners, I felt him. Watching me, my actions, being pleased. Waiting for me to do more.

So isn’t it so simple in itself ? I’m a caring person and so I help people in distress in the subway. Last week I must have helped what… 10 people I think, maybe more (in the tube and also in the streets in fact). It was a lot in a short period when you think about it, because most of the time we inhabitants are caught in the same frenetic pace of going to work or else and back home. So you might help a person a month you know, that’s huge. So 10 people ? It made me feel something, and even if I refused to see it at first, it was a spiritual experience of the worlds. Because I didn’t go blind, but I lived, I took the time to be there, to be present, and to see. To stop the flow of people coming and going, to speak to those strangers. And Hermes, he’s pleased with that. Helping travellers find their way. So I’ve decided that if I have the time ahead of me, I will always do that. When I spot a lost tourist, I’ll help. And it is not about caring only, being human. It counts, but then, there’s more than that to it.The whole tale I made above was to explain this.

Well, I hope it’s clear enough to be understood !