A very “fun” discovery, I could smell the odour of blood and work on that thread. It reminds me of my Work with Hyndla and the Disir.



And it grows darker and darker

It’s been quite a while since I came here. I’m tired. I’m always booked and overwhelmed with work. I had such a plentiful summer in 2014, I thought I would have some relief… But no. Each time I make a step, a new trial come in. Like an unceasing process of transformation and growth. It keeps coming quicker and quicker, whereas I crave for catching my breath. This Wheel of the Year has been really strange. Darker than the usual. Full of gaps. Some Sacred Festival didn’t “happen” energetically, like they were out of the map… The World is changing. There was no break through at “Imbolc” (or else) in February, no lustration, no renewed light. And afterwards Spring was held off for quite a while. And now… I only feel the storm gathering, heavy above our heads, making me so sick I laid in bed for 4 days. Where’s the Great Queen ? And where’s Freyja ? The year is dark. I am sinking into an Ocean of introspection that is never ending.

Only the Dead remain. And Ancestors. Restless. Relentless.

I had the chance of grasping this wonderful and rare tool in order to help me anchor and work with them : prayer beads for Hyndla, our Grand-Mother, the ultimate teacher for me. The Norns are not far, but their work is heavy and they have let me rest till now… I imagine I’ll get something for them too in the near future.

( >click for more pictures< and description by the crafter,
whom I cannot recommend enough)

I’m locked away in my room, and in my mind, drifting. Shifting. Fighting. And then off to work in that ferocious world. And back again, in the room. Reading, writing, working. There are no words available for me to the world yet.

Take care.

H is for Hyndla

Hail to you Hyndla
Remote far away in your cave
And ever farther away wandering

Please let me come near you Hyndla
Let me see and let me learn
For you are the Grand Mother

Grand Mother of us all
You are the line
The blood
The Thread

You are the wooden basket
The crib made sacred
For you are the Life

You are the origin
And you are the means
That which holds the Nine Worlds

Please let me sit near you Hyndla
I am eager
Please let me sit near you
For I am of your blood

I’ve really hesitated putting up the picture, because I don’t draw well, but to me this is so much more powerful than any words…

Connecting With Christian Ancestors

Connecting With Christian Ancestors.

A testimony for all those who are troubled relating to their Christian Ancestors. I am myself at peace with that side, and never had troubles reciting the “Hail Mary” for my Grand-Mother or talking with Jesus. But I know some are very uncomfortable around Christian faith, and facing the discrepancy between their pagan beliefs and those of their ancestors. I think all of them should read Sarenth’s great article.

Happy Birthday…

I’m sorry for those who’ve seen this pass today already and who are fed up with those chains.

It has nothing to do with the release of the Hobbit by Peter Jackson.
It has nothing to do with a chain.
It is a spiritual practice.

Today is the anniversary of the Death of my Master. He’s been for years, and for years I’ve been celebrating in secret. Like a shadow passing on my mind when the day comes, as Frodo feels when the anniversary of his sacrificial wound comes.

My projects about his works are plenty, but I never fulfill them as if I feared I might pervert his Great Work. But their presence wax and wane, like the tide and the moon… And I am in a new high phase. It resonates in me like the Great Music of Illuvatar and the Valar. I was foolish to wonder about it, now I know why.

Happy Birthday.