Personne ne mérite ça – No one deserves this

If you feel like it and have a few minutes to offer, I think that France and especially the victims and victims’ family could use any good healing thoughts. For Truth and Justice too, the Morrigan awaits.

L'Antre de Morrigan

[An edito for the few English-speaking Reader. Today has suffered a terrible outburst of extremists’ violence in France : three people attacked a famous journal’s headquarters (Charlie Hebdo) during a meeting and killed 11 people, journalists, targeting some of the most well-kown and talented French cartoonists among their ranks. We don’t know who they are, how they did, and for now it doesn’t matter, I mean, I won’t spread rumors and vulgar generalization. All that remains is a horrible crime, targeting professionals and a very important institution (targeting the media). We are all in shock, and all that can be done for now is taking a few step back, not giving away to fear, and praying for the deceased, the wounded, their family, and truth.]

Parce qu’au fond de moi quelque chose grince. Et Elle grince. Nous n’avons pas assez d’informations, nous ne savons pas si c’était effectivement…

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We die with the dying

“We die with the dying:

See, they depart, and we go with them.

We are born with the dying:

See, they return, and bring us with them.”

T.S. Eliot – The Four Quartets

I found this quote on a nice blog, but I can’t find the link back…

An antique quote on death

Thank you so much Sannion, it resonates with my Sacred Work with the Dead. I’ll have new matter to ponder.

“Those who have led a mediocre existence, who are the majority, wander through the meadow without their bodies, transformed into shadows imperceptible to the touch, like smoke. They feed on the libations we make to them here, and on the offerings we consecrate before their graves. Thus, unless some friend or relative on earth remembers him, this dead man would remain without eating and would live hungry among the other shadows.”

– Lucian, On Mourning 9

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