Sacred Duty For the Dead

Like some discreet people around the sphere, I have been called. Death has been in, on and around me since I was 12. And I have a sacred duty towards the Dead. It’s not easy to explain, it’s not a simple job. It is multifold. It is about daily relationship, about family, about keeping personal memory and yet spreading memory of the Dead to the collective. It is about seeing and hearing. It is about caring and guiding. It is “grave work” but it also is a non localised work.

  • It has appeared that part of the work is linked to the Land. Part of my sacred ground is the Père Lachaise Cemetery, where I tidy, clean up, pray and honor both famous (poet-heroes) and unknown dead. This is personal. I work with the Vodou Lwas of the dead, the Ghedes (especially the Barons), in this task.
  • Yet, as I have already begun, I also offer here a modest service of cult rendering. If you honor poet-heroes, literary ancestors, I live in Paris and I can go to the Père Lachaise Cemetery on the graves of the Dead on your behalf. Eg: I’ve read poems, hymns, songs, burnt candles and poured wine for Sannion at Jim’s for example; Ryan came to Paris and we did a lot more.
  • I created a category “Sacred Call” to speak about my work with the Dead, and especially a part “Sacred Ground” to post accounts of trips to the Père Lachaise, and “spread the word” (and work) : here.
  • I have a galery of images about my death work here.
  • My task is also to publicly honor and tend to memories. I have a rather intimate blog where I post sacred poems/fragments : “Memento“. In the future, I may also start to propose poems and my haikus as a public sacred offering. (The Spirits have asked me to write books too, but take it slow…)
  • I can discuss about Ancestor and Dead worship if you’d like.
  • Part of my death work is also ancestor work. I may offer communication services in the future, for those who aren’t able to contact their Dead Loved Ones (passing on message, locating them…). I’ve begun to do it for close people in need.
  • I also help people cross over, but that’s too private for now to talk about here.
  • Contact me via comment anytime.

NB : Because of the importance that all these things take, the blog may change structure, and transform into a bilingual blog so that my French fellows can read it too.


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