Hymn to Winter Fairies

My holiday trip to the East of France lead me to an incredible land of winter and snow…. And inspired me this hymn to Winter Fairies.

“A mysterious train flies by at midnight, dark shadow upon white mantel ;
A winter tale from a strange land, magic is at work ;

The wind blows over the empty fields, ripples on the river ;
There’s something in the air, energy flowing round in a dance ;

Fairies of Snow.”


Masters and inspirers

In response to Sannion’s post, I’ll try to write here the list of my “masters” as I like to call them. People I admire for their work/vision/action. Most of them are writers because I’m a literature girl, but there are others.

(to be modified and continued!)

J.R.R Tolkien : for the impossible task he achieved creating the ever so marvellous world of Arda, his incredible studies of languages (and the creation of fairy languages), his so damn’ good poetry (read the HoMEs), his incredible…. There’s too much to say. He’s just my number one.

Edgar Alan Poe : fascinates me with his all his masterpieces in the fantastic genres, so full of intranslatable poetry, and great narration style.

Sitting Bull : I learned by heart several of his speaches when I was a kid (10), and it continues to blow my mind away each time. Vision of humanity, vision of nature, the ultimate peace, …

Virgil : for his Eneid mostly, because I read him in old latin and translated him… It’s just an incredible man, an awe-inspiring writer, with his unforgettable poetry and narration skills.

Tacitus : my favorite latin historian I guess, he just left me breathless with the ultimate precision of his accounts (despite the SO concise style).

Philip Pullman : modern genius with the “Dark Materials” series, which is mind blowing, for renewing the SF genre, for his so great vision of the world(s)… I thought it was now impossible to be great today, but he showed me that one can still symbolic, powerful, moving, disturbing, even when writing in century where it is supposed to be no more good writers. A real tribute to Milton and Blake by the way. Impressive.

Emily Brontë : because she gave me a vivid example of my own inner turmoil. I was apart from the young people my age, I was undergoing a crising, and I then realise that I was not the only to feel “that” way. I discovered how it was called : the gothic. And I understood I was not sick, I was not alone Just a temperament most people do not understand.

Virgina Woolf : Because she is just… impossible to fathom, because her writing and her personality are just sexy. She was a thinker and philosopher in a time when women were ust crap. She had the chance to be independent and she knew it. She had something with the five senses which pervades her writing. Her diaries are great. Her novels are mind blowing. Her aesthetic is my life. And I hate to study her, that I HAD to do it for work, because her writing suffices itself. It’s sensual, it’s deep, it’s visionary. It speaks to the seeress that I am, it speaks in images like my brain do communicate, it speaks of a mix of painting and poetry and prose… it’s impossible to go beyond, to do better. It’s its own aporia.

Andersen & the Grimm Brothers : because those tales are unforgettable, because they shaped me and they shape the collective mind. Because they’re true and real. Because tales never die. Because we need more of them.

To be continued.