Prayers for Japan

I had to do something, I couldn’t bear standing there still with open mouth. After a week, the shock has passed, and I begin to come back to my senses. So I was finally able to take my pen and write a series of prayers. You can find one addressed to Morrigan on the Temple (the page can be translated in English through google) :

« Oh Morrigan, Great Queen of the Dead, be Thou with the Spirits of those who died but also with the Spirits of the dying ones. May Ye lift the veil of their fear and reveal that there is light among darkness. Help them regain their rightful place, be it among us or their ancestors, and make a safe passage. Show thy Face so that they don’t be afraid, welcome them with Thy comforting warmth, for Ye are the Great Mother. »

I’m going to write some to many other Gods, according to their field of “expertise” and what they can do. I’m totally into to spiritual and magic drawing since last summer, and I drew some powerful mandalas. So I’ll try to make new special ones for compassion, healing and growth. But for now I’m using those I already did :

Here in France some finally launch a wide initiative, a ritual to combine to the strong energies of Ostara, we’re gathering on Facebook.