A Month With Loki #3

When the most incredible things happen….

Is it you, that new energy pervading everything ?
Is it you, this subtlety when they said you were nothing but chaos ?

Is your power in our world so efficient, so palpable ?
Does it take nothing but to ask ?

They said to be careful what you pray for
They said you’d better be prepared

Then why is there no storm, no big bang ?
How can I know whether it is you ?

I feel the wind of change…

Is that you, God of Light,
Capable of such softness ?

Is that you, Revealer,
Who lifted the curse of blindness ?

Did I ask, or did you choose to act ?
You protected the most important…

If that is you, really you, that came
To the help of my family

Then there is no end to my gratitude
Please send me signs of your presence



A Month With Loki #2

[I haven’t planned to do something each day for Loki. I’m more inclined to practice and think for the whole month. Each post will be labelled but it has no relation to the day.]

The readings I make here and there are enlightening and seem to rise energy efficiently. I discover Loki bit by bit, taking what resonates with me, what was already there. Galina’s post about the God of Light made a lot of sense, and  Del’s advice to give Loki what we were ready to change too. So I felt inclined to write a new piece today !

Is each day a step ?
If I choose to

As a rising star, I feel drawn to you
As a shooting star, do you come towards me ?

Loki you hold the Sacred Fire
Loki God of Light

May this day be a new step
Toward our meeting

And as I gaze upon the stars I know
That we are connected already

I have the Fire in my Heart
That is both you and me


A Month with Loki #1

A little text for the God to open this month of work.

Hail Loki, God of Fire !
Hear my prayer, hear my voice
From beyond the gap of the worlds.

God of Mysteries, Trickster God
Do I dare summon you to my help ?
Am I ready to bear the Mad Fire ?

For sure you are in my thoughts tonight
And in my heart as I make a step
Toward the Fire of Renewal.

Please listen to me, accept my fears and doubts
As I lay them down to the ground,
An offering to burn.

July, july, month of Fire !
Be my Guide to Empowerment.


And I could not remain silent about this wonderful prayer by my dear Sarenth. Brought me to the verge of tears, and tought me a lesson. Along with Galina’s first post, I think I am going to learn so much this month…

Honor Month to Loki

I read a post that I still can’t quite grasp, about an organisation banning Loki from public rituals. There seems to be a lot of blurring about the issue, and yet, even if it is not properly said but implied, I find it shameful. Since when do you choose to restrict a cultural and spiritual pantheon to only a fraction of deities ? To say some are not worthy or else to be worshipped ? Being a very strong polytheist, I just can’t fathom the idea. It sounds far to Christian to me, to judge that a God is “bad” and should be shut down / banned.

Anyway, I’m getting away from my post. Galina Krasskova established for herself and all those that it pleases an Honor Month to Loki this July. I think it is a good idea, and I am going to try to follow it.

– to meditate on this very special family, to which I am attached by my strong connexion to Jormungandr

– to meditate on Loki himself, try to feel by myself now that I’ve read so many others speak about him

– see if there is anything I can do to honor him, and it seems I have an online friend who  could need my help on this matter

It sounds so interesting to go look for myself into the mysteries of a God I never approached directely. Plus, recently Northern deities are so strongly present in my life (Odin, Jormungandr, Mimir, …) so it must be a good timing.