It’s hard to make real articles on my current activities lately, because I make more “banal” stuff, like feeling, walking, picking, …. And my work with the spirits cannot yet be describe : I can’t actually analyse what happens. I feel, but can’t understand, can’t explain, can’t even find words. I guess I need more time and practice… [And apart from that I work everyday with Morrigan for my path and the Temple]

What I can say, still, is that I explore many things. I try to remember the names of plants, some properties, I take things from the forest and thank her, later I come back with offerings, … And I work to identify the spirits I encounter (their nature) and the type of place they like. Eg : moss, certain trees, light or shadow, …. There is the Spirit of the Forest herself, but there are also spirits that dwell here, passing spirits (visitors), fairies, earth elemental beings, …

And for a week, I’ve been obsessed and dreamt of spindle tree without even realising. But today for my weekly walk in the forest, I’ve seen some, and I couldn’t repress my yearning to pick up a branch, the which is totally alive. I then realised that it’s a guiding spirit…. so obvious but I couldn’t see. I decide then to begin a cycle of work with the spirit of spindle tree to see what it wants to teach me. It will be a rich experience I’m sure.


The Forest is Alive !

I guess that what is puzzling with shamanism is that you do not see your own progress. – And that is my case.

I have a very lovely forest near my place and I go there quite often with my parents or with my best friend. For months now, I have acquired a sort of ritual each time I go. As we go up the hill I focus on the intention, I begin to connect with the forest. Before, I just imagined, or rather visualise, I guess, or I concentrated on details willingly. It was very naive. Now I have learned to really open my mind, to alter my consciousness state, and I really get things. It is so that the wind tells me the right direction, offers me an interesting odour to reflect upon, the sun reveals invisible details, I’m able to see the very tiny particules of life everywhere even under the leaves and in the shade. I thought I would never be able to do it, but finally I can the “locus animi”, the Spirit of the Forest, and all the elemental, small spirits, nymphs, whatever. And the Forest is SO alive ! The colors are deep, the sounds are endless, life is everywhere to be observed, tracks of wild animals,  … And so many signs, so many coïncidence. I had an amazing encounter with 5 deers on the path as I asked to the Forest to meet my Totem ! I can asked for secret ways, sometimes I see doors, moving shadows, and I even heard the Spirits speak. The rhythm of the walk, the rhythm of the breath, the visual effect of my pendulum/wheeling prayer beads, the effect of the soil under my moving feet, all this is a thread to follow for trance to happen and it is really efficient even if I’m just a beginner.

My work with the Spirits is becoming intense. And I have so much to do.

I feel so Alive. I feel so blessed and grateful.